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Monday Flakes: A New Match of the Century Contender

A good weekend for Husker sports was made even sweeter by Iowa failure [to understand rules]. Beam me up Scotty!

Scott Bruhn

Long suffering Husker fans were given a gift this weekend. Many gifts, in fact.

  • The football team won a game that they really tried to lose.
  • The volleyball team broke a ten-match losing streak against the hated Badgers. And gave notice that a young team can be mentally tough.
  • Women’s soccer claimed the Big Ten co-championship.
  • Iowa lost a game in the most Iowa fashion of all.
  • The Jackrabbits survived an upset attempt from the Salukis of Southern Illinois.

Okay, maybe the last one was only a gift to me, but still...It was a good weekend.

The Big Ten West is hot garbage and waiting for the garbage-est team of all to claim the final pile of poo before divisions disappear. We are all waiting to see which team is willing to grasp the brass brownish ring.

Why not us?

Why not now?

Note: These are rhetorical questions. You should not be compelled to answer. We all know the B1G West will end in heartbreak and misery; it is only a matter of which team gets to pretend they own less of such things as we forget the 2023 season ever existed.

Were was I? Oh yeah, Flakes. Happy Monday Corn Nation!

Corn Flakes

Michigan State, Nebraska Claim Share of Big Ten Women's Soccer Title - Big Ten Conference
The 2023 Big Ten Women’s Soccer championship came down to the final day of the season

Tad Stryker: Getting Their Minds Right - All Huskers
Mental toughness, belief on upswing in Rhule’s Husker football program

The Turning Point: Nebraska vs Northwestern | KLIN - News/Talk 1400
The average number of plays in a given college football game is 180. Each snap brings an opportunity, but each...

Report Card: Huskers 17, Northwestern Wildcats 9 - Corn Nation
Nebraska football went 1-0 this week. It was ugly football. Even Brian Ferentz would call it ugly. It doesn’t matter, because Nebraska went 1-0. And perhaps more importantly, the Huskers won the...

HIghlights from the Husker volleyball win over Wisconsin

Sports! [Iowa Misery Special Section]

The Ferentz Line Report (Week 8) - Off Tackle Empire
We all know that Kirk and Brian have absolutely no interest in crossing the Ferentz Line, contracts be damned. At this point, it’s really just about how big of a middle finger can the Ferentzi give...

Minnesota upsets No. 24 Iowa after officials overturn go-ahead punt return TD in final minutes
Officials determined that Iowa's Cooper DeJean made an invalid fair catch signal before fielding the ball.

Iowa lost on invalid fair catch that wiped away touchdown, College Football Playoff hope -
Iowa lost a heartbreaking ‘invalid fair catch’ ruling that wiped away a touchdown.

Sports! [Match of the Century Special Section]

First result from Google on “Match of the Century”

Bobby Fischer Wins Match Of The Century -
Today, half a century ago, was a historic day for chess, and the whole world was watching. GM Bobby Fischer had done it! He fought, almost single-handedly, against the Soviet chess machine, and emerged as the first American world champion of chess in history. Our coverage of the Match of the Century...

Sports! [Jill’s Attempt to Influence Future Google Results Section]

The correct result from Google:

match of the century volleyball - Google Search
Oh yeah...the Husker victory over the Badgers is now enshrined in the Way Back Machine.

Should This Be in the Sports! Section, Or Somewhere Else?

Pepper X Is Crowned World’s Hottest Chili By Guinness World Records | IFLScience
Pepper X is technically hotter than bear spray.

Okay. We Found a Sports! Article[s]

Kyle Schwarber makes history as Phillies move one game away from World Series | CNN
The Philadelphia Phillies moved just one game from another World Series with a 6-1 win in Game 5 against the Arizona Diamondbacks on a night that Kyle Schwarber made postseason history.

Mass waterski world record in Cairns described as ‘euphoric’ and ‘surreal’ - ABC News
In a feat that would be pretty much impossible today, a group of water skiers strode onto the Cairns navy base nearly 40 years ago to execute an audacious plan to get into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Then There’s This

Why Wine Bottles Have Dents
The dent (or “punt”) in the bottom of a wine bottle served an important function centuries ago, but it’s there for different reasons today.

The Worldwide History of Tattoos | History| Smithsonian Magazine
Ancient ink exhibited religious faith, relieved pain, protected wearers and indicated class

'Most-sought after Scotch whisky' bottle will go up for auction | AP News
A bottle of “the most-sought-after Scotch whisky” is set to go up for auction next month, with an estimated price of up to $1.4 million.

The Weekly Dump [Will Be Merged With Big Ten West News in the Next Few Weeks]

Wyoming Archaeologists Wish They Had More Prehistoric Poop | Your Wyoming News Source
Wyoming archaeologists are disappointed with the lack of prehistoric people poop discovered in the state. Despite its reputation for producing fossilized dinosaur poop, Wyoming has a crappy record finding prehistoric human poop.

We all need more poop.