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Nebraska is #1 after beating Wisconsin in Five Sets

This match was everything we hoped it would be

Scott Bruhn

Nebraska 3 vs Wisconsin 2 - 25-22, 17-25, 20-25, 26-24, 15-13

If you want to watch impressive volleyball, you should watch this match. If you want to know how to play defense, you should watch this match on replay. If you want to understand what it mean to believe, you should watch this match.

The defense was on display rally after rally from the very start, there was no quit. The level of play was high and both teams played until the very end. Nebraska and Wisconsin executed at the highest level but blocking ability, defensive determination and serving strength of the other team prevented domination from either side.

Merritt Beason said after the match that “there was a lot of ugly tonight”. Perhaps it was Nebraska’s ability to embrace the ugly and allow it to be the determining factor that allowed them to come out on top tonight. Perhaps it was the young optimism of a team that didn’t know the Badgers were running a number of streaks that should intimidate.

There were difference makers in this match and they were the Wisconsin block and Sarah Franklin with her ability to earn kills when they were needed for the Badgers. Then the match went to set five and the table was cleared. Everything was possible.

There were Nebraska players that played their role the entire night that never highlighted the stat sheet nor made the crowd scream, yet when the match was determined those players were the difference.

Coach Cook said “Laney Choboy was the MVP tonight. She is not in the stats and no one is talking about her but she was a difference maker tonight.” She passed 29 serve receive passes expertly and served 23 balls with only 1 error to lead the team. Choboy wasn’t just a top cheer leader (she celebrates everyone), she was a leader. GBR!

Team captain Beason knew “we never had a doubt in ourselves”. Coach Cook thought his team great and labeled “ultimate competitors”.

After the match Coach Cook thought that Nebraska could not get blocked as many times as they did in set two even if they tried. This was the 19th college match for the Nebraska freshmen so Coach Cook was understanding of an error here or there but ultimately, tonight, Nebraska is 19-0 and the #1 team in the country. Go Big Red! Say it loud!!

Nebraska plays again against Maryland October 27th at 7 pm CT.