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Instant Reaction to Nebraska’s Beautiful Beautiful 17-9 Win over Northwestern!

Northwestern v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Nebraska wins 17-9 over Northwestern in a game that made my eyes start bleeding from the first play of the game.

It was ugly. It was sloppy.

It was a win, but it was horrifying to watch.

Heinrich Haarberg didn’t play well. My eyes started bleeding the first play of the game, and they ran out of blood in the second quarter.

Nebraska lost a lot of players to injury. We don’t know how badly or how long they’ll be out.

The good news is the defense played very well, kept Northwwestern out of the end zone.

I realize there’s a lot of you who think Nebraska might not win another game with this offense, but Iowa... just lost to Minnesota!


Nebraska moves to 4-3! TWO more wins and our beloved Huskers can go bowling. Because of Iowa’s loss, there’s still a slight chance Nebraska could win the Big Ten West!!!!