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Big Ten Football Rankings - A “Little” Shakeup - Week 7

Not a whole lot out of the norm this week. Just a change in classification.

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This week we are breaking down the rankings into three groups. This is something that probably should have been done weeks ago. Better late than never I guess.

The top three have not changed and will mostly not the rest of the year outside of some basic shuffling within themselves.

The Middle “Meh” as I like to call them are not great but are most likely better than the Hot Garbage that is below them.

Hot Garbage is still hot as hell. No one has left this classification and will most likely not anytime soon.

The Top 3

1. Michigan (7-0 Overall 4-0 Conference) Beat Indiana 52-7

  • Last Week #1 - No move
  • It was nice of you to let Indiana score first. It was also their last. Enjoy this week when you head to East Lansing to take on your instate rival Michigan State.

2. Penn State (6-0 Overall 3-0 Conference) Beat Massachusetts 63-0

  • Last Week #2 - No Move
  • I told you it was going to be a bloodbath. Someone notify the Minutemen's next of kin. Now, this week you get a real challenge as you head to Columbus to take on #3 Ohio State.

3. Ohio State (6-0 Overall 3-0 Conference) Beat Purdue 41-7

  • Last Week #3 - No Move
  • Are you ready for #7 Penn State to come to town? Ryan Day will be on the “hot seat” if he losses this one. He’s 51-6 overall in his career at Ohio State. He has only two losses in the Big Ten. Can you guess who those two losses were to? So yeah, he’s the most successful coach who is on the hot seat...College football is a trip, man. A Freakin’ Trip!

The Middle “Meh”

4. Iowa (6-1 Overall 3-1 Conference) Beat Wisconsin 15-6

  • Last week #6 - Moved up two spots.
  • Who’s ready for Big Ten Championship game cannon fodder Iowa? The only team in America without an offense who could very well end the regular season with a 11-1 record. Only in the Big Ten!

5. Maryland (5-2 Overall 2-2 Conference) Lost to Illinois 24-27

  • Last Week #4 - Moved down one spot
  • Maryland, you’re breaking my heart. I really didn’t see you losing this game. However, I still have hope. That’s why I only dropped you one spot.

6. Wisconsin (4-2 Overall 2-1 Conference) Lost to Iowa 6-15

  • Last Week #5 - Moved down one spot.
  • Does Wisconsin even have a backup quarterback that can run the “Air-Raid” in Madison?

7. Rutgers (5-2 Overall 2-2 Conference) Beat Michigan State 27-24

  • Last Week #7 - No Move
  • Nice comeback! One more win and you’re bowling! Lucky for you, you’re playing a Tom Allen coached Indiana team this weekend. Don’t blow it.

Dog Just Walked By And Peed On This Hot Garbage (In Alphabetical Order)

Illinois (3-4 Overall 1-3 Conference) Beat Maryland 27-24

  • I did not see this one coming. Nice win, I guess.

Indiana (2-4 Overall 0-3 Conference) Lost to Michigan 7-52

Michigan State (2-4 Overall 1-3 Conference) Lost to Rutgers 24-27

  • You had this game...

Minnesota (3-3 Overall 1-2 Conference) Bye

  • Bye

Nebraska (3-3 Overall 1-2 Conference) Bye

  • Bye

Northwestern (3-3 Overall 0-2 Conference) Bye

  • Bye

Purdue (2-5 Overall 2-3 Conference) Lost to Ohio State 41-7

  • At least the state of Indiana has Notre Dame to cheer for.
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