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Nebraska OC Marcus Satterfield Talks to the Media About Taking the Job, Looking Forward and Being the “Old Guy”

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 10 South Carolina at Arkansas Photo by Andy Altenburger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Time for us to meet Nebraska’s new OC in Marcus Satterfield. Here are some of the questions and my paraphrased attempt at the answers. I have a link to the video of the press conference if you want to watch it for yourself.

What made Marcus Satterfield eager to make the move from South Carolina’s OC to Nebraska’s OC?

Satterfield said he’s been with Rhule even back to his Temple days. They have the same mindset when it comes to running an offense. After South Carolina beat Clemson (with Satterfield as South Carolina’s OC) this season Satterfield was on his way home when Rhule told him to call him. He was hoping that Rhule was going to ask him to join him at Nebraska. Right when Rhule asked Satterfield said “heck ya. Lets go.”

What was on the top of your to-do list when he took the job?

Recruit. Get to know the players.

What is the biggest position of need for the Nebraska offense?

Receiver. Need to build depth. Need more body types of receivers. Fired up about the first recruiting class.

What types of things do you plan on doing at Nebraska that you did at other stops?

We first he plans on huddling even though it’s taboo right now. A pro-style offense. Going to use tight ends. Going go use the fullback. Have to be able to run the football especially in the Big Ten.

What is your coaching role going to be on the offense besides just calling plays?

The initial thought was that he would coach the tight ends which is what a lot of coordinators are doing these days but as they started formulating the staff it made more sense that he would coach the quarterbacks.

Sipple asks about the Huddle and that’s when things get religious.

Satterfield said he is on a crusade about the muddle. The “huddle is the heart and soul of football. You cannot teach the leadership moments that happen in a huddle.”

How do you ask a quarterback to be a leader when he never gets a chance to be vocal?

Satterfield is 46 years old and would be considered an old guy on the staff. What’s his thought on Rhule’s approach to hiring all these young coaches?

We didn’t hire guys for what they have done in the past. Rhule is unbelievable at developing players and unbelievable at developing coaches.

What are his thought on fan favorite Donovan Raiola?

Satterfield had every intention of not liking the only assistant coach that was kept from the previous staff. He already had a list of guys he was thinking of bringing in to be the OL coach. However, after meeting him for 30-35 minutes he fell in love with him. \

Loved his mindset. His commitment to development. His passion for Nebraska.

Where does his system fit in to the Big Ten and in particular the Big Ten West?

We are a little bit old school. We are going to run the football. All of the throws and play actions will come off of running the ball. When he thinks of Nebraska it’s hard work, blue collar, chip on your shoulder, midwest, tough kids. Was told by a former coach here that if you build your line of scrimmage with Nebraska kids that they will die for Nebraska.

Whether the criticism at South Carolina was deserved, what did he learn going through that?

It’s part of the gig. If you are the head coach, offensive coordinator or quarterback you will get blamed when things go wrong. The experience at South Carolina only toughed and calloused him up.

His counterpart Tony White runs a 3-3-5. How many times has he gone up against a 3-3-5?

The hardest part going against a 3-3-5 is that it can be so multiple. They saw it every week in the Big 12, but it can go from a 3 man front to a 4 man front. It will only make them better in practice going against a defense that can do a lot of things.

Thoughts on the city of Lincoln?

Hasn’t had a chance to see much. Has been staying in the hotel and eats at the restaurants every night. Is excited to bring his family out to Lincoln.

Thoughts on the quarterback run game?

It’s crucial. It can help you when you’re struggling. Don't’ want to major in the quarterback run game but it will be a part of it.