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Huskers Headed To East Lansing And All They Got Was A 56-74 Loss

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Michigan State Dale Young-USA TODAY Sports

In March of 1973 Dick Chicken found himself as an assistant coach with the Lions of Talmage College. His main focus was the defensive line but he found himself dealing with most of the teams off field problems.

On one particular night Dick himself was heavily inebriated at the Pancake House Bar in town. No real reason for being so shitfaced. Like many things in Dick’s life, these things just happened. He had a taste for Old Milwaukee and that was flowing by the gallons down his gullet since 5:47pm.

He was telling a local about the time that he, Dick Chicken, had found himself down 23 points to the mighty Wildcats of Arizona back in 1923 but lead his team to victory and won by 9. Right when he was getting to the final drive of the game which sealed the win one of his players stumbled into the bar. Quite toasted himself.

It was the offseason but there was still curfew for the members of the football team. He knew this player was supposed to be in the dorms. So, Dick did what any self respecting coach would do and cold cocked the player in the head with a bowling pin.

Why a bowling pin? That will be a story for another time. I can’t give up all Dick’s stories in one sitting.

The player dropped like a sack of potatoes. Not a single person in the establishment blinked an eye. This had become the norm after the past season where the squad went 1-9 and half the team quit before the season was over.

It was rough and everyone knew it.

So, Dick picked up the fallen player and carried him (in a not so straight line) back to campus where he tossed him in front of one of the sorority houses. He rang the doorbell and ran back to the bar as fast as his 49 year old legs would carry him.

We are still not exactly sure what happened to the player. As we all know, Dick lived on to fight another day.

Ah yes, you call came here for the basketball content. I forgot...

Nebraska fought valiantly but could not pull off the win against a hot shooting Michigan State squad and lost 56 to 74. It was a close game early on and the Huskers never gave up but a very cold shooting spell doomed the Big Red until the buzzer rang at the end.

Nebraska had a great opening five minutes, taking a one point lead early on. The game went downhill in the final 10 minutes of the first half, though. The highlight of the second half came when the Huskers twice cut the lead to 12, but quickly dissipated again from there.

The second half showed that Nebraska did not give up but it was too little to late against a full house in East Lansing. The Huskers shot 41% to Michigan State’s 47.7%. A number that the Huskers bumped up in the second half but Michigan State didn’t let them take advantage of.

The Huskers were lead by Derek Walker who had 15 points, 8 rebounds, and 3 assists against the Spartans.

Sam Griesel and Emmanuel Bandoumel followed with ten points each. Griesel followed his performance up with three rebounds and three assists while Bandoumel had four rebounds on the night.

The Huskers saw their two game losing streak come to an end this night. They head to Minneapolis this Saturday where they take on the Minnesota Golden Gophers.