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Monday Night Therapy: 10 Predictions For 2023 Nebraska Athletics

NCAA Football: Matt Rhule Press Conference Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Todd was a little late and I was a little freaked out at the start, but overall, things turned out pretty well.

We covered a number of subjects:

Men’s basketball beating up Iowa, which they did. It was an ass-kicking.

Bowl game wrap up

  • Iowa and the Ferentz situation. Will Brian Ferentz be fired? Will Kirk retire?
  • Purdue being annihilated by LSU 63-7. What was the point of playing this game when everyone including the head coach of Purdue opted out? The Boilers should have just opted out of the game and given someone else a shot.
  • Georgia’s win over Ohio State. Did anyone field bad for the Buckeyes?
  • USC’s embarrassing letdown against Tulane. It was beautiful.

Nebraska football news

  • Anthony Grant officially announced he is returning next season. With Ajay Allen back, Nebraska’s running back room is loaded.
  • Rhule has completed his coaching staff. Bob Wager from Texas is his tight ends coach and today two more were reported.

Finally, Todd and I spent the latter half of the show doing predictions for 2023 Nebraska athletics.

The predictions are BOLD. AWESOME. You should listen. Or watch.

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