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Nebraska Loses To Northwestern On A Cold January Night 63-78

The smart kids can play shooty hoops

NCAA Basketball: Northwestern at Nebraska Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska lost to a fairly decent Northwestern squad on Wednesday night. They were out shot, rebounded, and destroyed on defense by the Wildcats.

Sure the evening started out well. Nebraska kept it close for the first 15 minutes or so. They relied upon the sharp shooting of Keisei Tominaga from the get go. When no one else could even get a shot on the bucket. But like many nights, that dried up too.

Northwestern started pulling away in the game with roughly 5 minutes left in the first half and never really looked back.

The Wildcats are good. They are currently 16-5 on the season. Will they win the Big Ten? Probably not but they should contend and pull off some upsets on this back end of the season.

Nebraska on the other hand, we need to figure out. Nebraska could have beaten this team. The odds were a little bit against them but they could have done it on their home court. They have competed against and beaten teams this season that were better than NW.

Most of Nebraska’s top scorers struggled this evening. Sam Griesel had just eight points. Derick Walker had seven and it seemed to take forever for either of those two to make a bucket. Northwestern clamped down on defense early on and their offense did just enough to keep the Huskers in a hole for most of the game.

Fred Hoiberg’s son, Sam came off the bench and scored six points. A guy who sits 6’0 and is still technically a walk on had more magic in this loss than a majority of the team. He did what he could during this loss. That’s more than I could say for a majority of this team tonight.

Northwestern figured out Nebraska early on and were the more aggressive team until the final buzzer. The Huskers, need to get a spart and soon. The season is well past it’s half way point and can’t keep dropping games that could very well be winnable.

The Huskers head to Maryland to take on the Terps this Saturday at 3:30pm CST.