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Friday Flakes: Malachi Coleman Impresses at Polynesian Bowl Practices and Blaming Meteorologists

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Malachi Coleman continues to make the rounds as he competed throughout the week at the Polynesian Bowl.

Greg Biggins, of 24/7 Sports, was at the practices this week and he had the following to say about Malachi Coleman:

Coleman is one of the freakier athletes in this year’s event. He’s all of 6-3.5, pushing 200 pounds and can RUN. He’s an explosive kid and has had multiple acrobatic catches showing off a nice catch radius. He has a track background and just narrowly lost to Branch in the fastest man competition but what impressed us this week is he’s not just a straight line guy but has some wiggle in his game too. He has all the tools to be an immediate impact player for the Huskers.

An immediate impact player would surely be welcomed by Nebraska fans.

Stop Blaming Meteorologists

Today is Friday and we all know that we were planning for a huge snow storm last Wednesday that didn’t exactly materialize like we hoped or expected based off of weather predictions from our fearless local meteorologists.

This is particularly true if you have young children who you send to school or daycare. I had to keep my children home on Wednesday because their school and daycare closed.

But you know what never went through my brain? The thought that I need to tweet at or direct my frustration at the local meteorologists who we ask to predict the weather. Even after they explain what happened (dry air coming north) those complaining people still didn’t want to listen.

As the vast majority of the people reading this already know, whether a snowstorm is going to drop a foot of snow is based off of so many different factors that I think it’s a miracle that we can predict the weather at all.

Those factors are always changing, even every hour, and then we ask them to tell us exactly what is going to happen so we can plan our lives around it.

To me, I compare it to sports books who set the lines for sporting events. There are so many factors that go into whether a team should be favored and by how much but something like an injury or a pick-six completely changes the outcome of the game.

But yet, it seems that 90% of the time those setting the lines are always really close.

Sounds a lot like our local meteorologists.


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