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Monday Night Therapy: Nebraska Portal And Team Update, NFL Playoff Offenses

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The Monday Night Show was happening during the Dallas Cowboys - Tampa Bay Buccaneers playoff game, which somewhat prompted Todd and I to start talking about the NFL playoffs.

There have been some amazing games. Todd pointed out the Baltimore Ravens’ 300-pound fullback, while I was envious of their offensive linemen pulling during plays. Quarterbacks and the NFL offenses are much more exciting than they’ve been in my lifetime. The NFL is fun to watch. This wasn’t true a few years ago.

This brought up a discussion of fullbacks (of course) and the question - What is a NFL offense?

There have been several updates to Nebraska’s roster:

  • Walter Rouse flipped to Oklahoma
  • Nebraska picked up a highly sought after OLB from Georgia - M.J. Sherman
  • Receiver Zavier Betts might return to the team
  • Isiah Garcia-Castaneda — withdrew from portal and it appears he will rejoin the team

Matt Rhule hired Susan Elza to be Chief of Staff

What’s a Chief of Staff do? Will Rhule hire a press secretary? I hope so.

Nebraska Wrestling:

  • Todd watched as Nebraska beat Minnesota and Northwestern, both higher ranked at the time.
  • Todd brings up his past wrestling exploits, including how he was crushed by the insidious Flying Salami Brothers while a member of Schramm 6
  • All the wrestling talk conjured up the names Mad Dog Vachon and Baron Von Raschke. I met the Baron a few years ago. This is the full story of that meeting.

Brett Maher missed four PATs as Dallas stomped the Tampa Bay Bucs. That’s shocking.

For tonight’s show, I wore this Unixsex Hoodie with Cobby! You should get one.