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Monday Flakes: Reading Brain Waves, 16 Year Old Baseball Phenom and Doomsday Poop Vault

I don’t write the headlines. I just report them.

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Espacio Fundacion Telefonica Hosts The Exhibition ‘cerebro(s)’. Photo By Ricardo Rubio/Europa Press via Getty Images

Another weekend, another week to go back to work.

NFL’s Wild Card Weekend was pretty fun. There were some close games - which my Minnesota native hubby did not enjoy. The Vikings seems to be one of those perpetually cursed teams. (Note: see the article about the Chargers in the Sports! section below.) I would direct Chargers fans to that article, but we all know that those people don’t exist.

I’m excited for some upcoming travel. Ranchdude’s company wants to expand into Argentina and they picked a few people from the company for a trip to learn more. I get to come along! The company offered to set up a separate spouse program, but I’m an ag person through and through. I want to visit the dairies, feed plants, feedlots, and other tour stops for the company reps. It looks like I get my wish.

Ranchdude and I visited Argentina about 22 years ago. I had just found out I was pregnant with Ranchhand 1 days before we left. We were visiting a country where we were told not to drink the water. The only other beverage choices were generally bottled pop (Coke) and wine. Given my maternal state, I should not have drank either one (caffeine or alcohol) In the end, I picked the Coke, or 7-up when it was available.

Now, I get to visit a very good wine-producing country with no fear of finding out similar news.

What types of wines should I try? Any favorites you have?

Frosted Flakes

Husker Runners/Fielders Finish With Nine Titles at Graduate Classic - University of Nebraska
The Nebraska track and field team combined for four individual titles and relay victories on the second day of the Graduate Classic at the Devaney Center Indoor

A communicator and motivator, Husker RBs coach Barthel has vision for his room
On a Nebraska coaching staff where relationship-building and authenticity are a requirement, EJ Barthel truly fits the bill.

‘I’ll never back down from a challenge,’ says Husker D-lineman signee
One label you can attach to Vincent Carroll-Jackson is avid reader. He had books of all kinds stacked next to him as he was conducting an...

Husker Wrestlers Dominate Gophers, 21-9 - University of Nebraska
The No. 4 Nebraska wrestling team defeated No. 12 Minnesota 21-9 to earn its first conference victory of the season in front of 3,821 fans at the Devaney Center.

NU Men’s Gymnastics Takes Second in West Point Open
West Point, N.Y.- Nebraska battled in their first meet of the 2023 season competing against Penn State, Army, Navy, and Springfield in the West Point Open where

Husker Rifle Routs Eagles Behind Smallbore Record - University of Nebraska
Lincoln, Neb.- The No. 6 Nebraska Rifle team used a new team smallbore record to defeat the No. 14 Morehead State Eagles by a score of 4,719-4,669 on Saturday.


The Not-Quite-Redemption of South Africa’s Infamous Marathon Cheats
A pair of talented brothers try to overcome their past missteps.

Brock Purdy Was Mr. Irrelevant. Now He’s Mr. Impossible. | FiveThirtyEight
Joe Montana. Steve Young. Yelberton Abraham Tittle. Some of the best quarterbacks to ever set foot on an NFL field played for the San Francisco 49ers, but none …

Chubba’s big brother had himself a weekend!

Georgia OL Devin Willock and football staff member killed in car crash
“The entire Georgia family is devastated” as sophomore Devin Willock, recuiting staffer Chandler LeCroy killed, starting tackle Warren McClendon injured.

My sympathies go out to the family and friends of those killed and injured.

Seimone Augustus becomes LSU’s first female athlete with campus statue
Seimone Augustus, who led LSU to three Final Fours before becoming a WNBA and Olympic champion, was immortalized with a statue on campus Sunday.

Padres give Salas, 16, $5.6M in international signing period
Catcher Ethan Salas, 16, a native of Caracas, Venezuela, and the consensus top overall prospect in this year’s international signing period class, received a $5.6 million bonus with the San Diego Padres on Sunday.

Who needs NIL when pro baseball teams will pony up this kind of cash for teenagers?!?

C.J. Stroud is projected to be a top-5 NFL Draft pick this spring. Will he become a pioneer of the NIL era instead?
Ohio State’s star quarterback hasn’t declared for this spring’s draft. Maybe because patience is becoming more profitable in college football.

The Chargers Have Turned Losing Into an Art Form. Let’s Appreciate It. - The Ringer
Marked by boneheaded plays and historic futility in one-score games, the Philip Rivers era has taught us there are many ways to blow an NFL game

Reading That Makes You Smarter

(Not Guaranteed)

Canine commuters in Skagway, Alaska, win fans all over | CBC News
A minute-long video, showing a bunch of canine commuters all being very good dogs as they hop aboard their own special bus in Skagway, Alaska, has so far racked up about 50 million views online.

Such good boys and girls!!

How the Army Corps of Engineers Made Us Love Their 2023 Calendar: They Added Giant Cats! (And it’s Free)
Download the new 2023 calendar highlighting the achievements of the US Army Corps of Engineers featuring giant cats superimposed in photos.

9-year-old pulls 5-inch megalodon tooth from Maryland bay - Upworthy
Molly Sampson has been hunting for shark teeth her whole life and has collected more than 400. But finding a megalodon tooth on Christmas morning was an unexpected gift.

Iowa funeral home finds woman thought to be dead actually alive
Scanner audio captured some of the response to the incident

Ummm...Iowa. Need I say more?

Feeling crambazzled? A linguist shares words from the past that are fitting for 2023 | CBC Radio
You might not know you are feeling crambazzled or that you have a case of the mubble-fubbles, but self-described linguistic magpie Susie Dent says putting a word to your feelings will actually help.

See 11 Photos From the 4th Annual Close-Up Photographer of the Year Competition
Slime mold definitely had a moment—but it’s hard to beat two dead salamanders floating in a carnivorous plant.

The Weekly Dump

There Will Soon Be A Doomsday Vault For Human Poop | IFLScience
Scientists want to build a "doomsday poop vault" to save human health and microbial diversity - before it's too late.

Then There’s This

New 'thought-controlled' device reads brain activity through the jugular | Live Science
A new brain-computer-interface device doesn't require open-brain surgery to implant.

Maybe Cobby predicted the future [somewhat] accurately after all...