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Get to Know Transfer Center Ben Scott

What is Nebraska getting in the Arizona State Transfer

UCLA v Arizona State Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

While Matt Rhule doesn’t want to say that Nebraska’s offensive line has been a weakness, it clearly has been. In an effort to improve the line Rhule and the Huskers staff has been active in the transfer market adding players.

What is Nebraska Getting in Ben Scott

The first player Nebraska brought in was Arizona State’s Ben Scott who has been a multi year starter with the Sun Devils. Nebraska isn’t getting someone who was a backup or played limited snaps, they’re getting someone who has started in a Power 5 conference over the course of 20 games at right tackle and center.

For a detailed look at Scott, make sure to check out the video that breaks down Scott’s traits and how he fits in the Nebraska offense.

Overall Thoughts

Scott chose Nebraska because there was a clear path to him starting at center. I feel it’s safe to assume that Scott will be the starter there. Add in that Nebraska is getting back Nouredin Nouili at left guard and just added Stanford left tackle Walter Rouse. These three additions could allow Nebraska to move Turner Corcoran back to right tackle where he had his most success. And we haven’t even discussed Teddy Prochazka who looked like a potential star his true freshman season.

When you add all of this together it is very easy to be excited about the potential improvement along the offensive line and what this could mean for the Husker offense.