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Can Nebraska Make The National Title Game Next Season?

Expectations too high? Yes.

San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images

Tom Fornelli of CBS Sports put out an article yesterday where he listed five teams that had losing records in 2022 that might be capable of making the national title game in 2023, ala TCU.

TCU had a 5-7 record in 2021, and in 2022 played Georgia for the national title. It was the worst title game ever, but the Horned Frogs played well enough to that point to make it there.

Fornelli’s list includes:

  • Auburn
  • Miami
  • Michigan State
  • Nebraska
  • Texas A&M

Here is part of what Fornelli said about Nebraska:

While the Big Ten has Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State, they all play in the East. Look at the rest of the Big Ten West and tell me who the clearcut favorite is. Wisconsin has a new coach and a new offense. Iowa is Iowa — which is good for Iowa, but not anything terrifying. Purdue won the division, its coach left for Louisville, and now it has a first-year coach of its own. Illinois was a surprise in 2021, finishing 8-5, but lost four of its last five games. Northwestern is not in the best condition at the moment. Again, I’m not saying any of these teams making the leap is likely, but Nebraska can at least get an audition for the role.

In the video I talk about why you’d do this type of article, and discuss whether Nebraska can actually make the title game.

I also discuss what bothers me about the article.

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