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Monday Night Therapy: National Title Game, Nebraska’s New Coordinators, Fullbacks and the 3-3-5

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Texas Christian at Georgia Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a Monday Night Therapy Session on Tuesday, moved because of the national title game.

Unfortunately, the national title game wasn’t worth the time. Todd said about this, “Georgia was there to win a championship. TCU was just glad to be there.”

We probably spent more time talking about the game, and its implications than we spent actually watching the game. At one point I played part of Kirby Smart’s pre-game speech, which is deliciously full of NSFW words.

We spent a lot of time talking about our new coordinators... Marcus Satterfield’s comments about running the ball, huddling, and using a fullback. Tony White’s use of the 3-3-5 spurred a lot of discussion, as TCU uses a 3-3-5 and they were run over like deer in the headlights.

Nebraska lost out on Baylor transfer Micah Mazzccua, who decided to go to Florida. There’s been no word yet on Walter Rouse, the Stanford offensive tackle.

Nebraska picked up a portal transfer wide receiver, Billy Kemp from Virginia.

And finally, we finished by talking about whether you should cheer for your conference.

Please Support My Cause!

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