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Nebraska Football: Are We In Danger Of Losing Any Commits?

Akelo analyzes our current recruiting class & evaluates how firm each commit is.

2 weeks into the 2022 college football season, Scott Frost's Nebraska Cornhuskers sit at 1-1, 0-1 in conference play. After a disappointing loss in the Isle of Eire against the fake NU, we then struggled to put away North Dakota, who finished 3-5 in the Missouri Valley Football Conference in 2021.

There is no need to sugarcoat things. We are on the precipice of an absolute, unmitigated disaster.

We are at the point where a sizeable portion of the Husker fanbase view Scott Frost as a lame duck. In times like this, recruits will start looking at their Plan B schools & giving feelers out to other recruiters. I will now attempt to translate what I've heard through the grapevine into a scale of 1-10 on how strong each of our commits is tied in with Nebraska, where 1 is a strong chance they’ll stay and 10 is “they’re gone.”

Omarion Miller

The 4 star Louisiana wideout was a personal recruitment carried out by Mickey Joseph. We beat out some major schools for his commitment. He & Joseph have a bit of a bond, so I don't think he goes anywhere unless there is a changing of the guard in Lincoln. The problem is that it seems like there might be. 5/10.

Cam Lenhardt

I love this guy. Certified A+++ recruiting haul. Bonafide baller. With that being said, there are other Big Ten schools still actively recruiting him. With the added possibility of a dreadful Husker season, he could set adrift on memory bliss. 8/10.

Riley Van Poppel

Big time commitment for the trenches. The coach that will coach him is also the most lambasted member of the coaching staff & will likely be let go no matter what happens with Frost. I'm a little worrisome here. 7/10.

Jaidyn Doss

One of my favorite players in the class. His playing style reminds me of Iowa State WR Jaylin Noel a bit (yes I know it's a lazy comparison since they're both from the same area.) He's a regional guy so I think he sticks no matter what, but I'm hard pressed to believe Iowa won't try to weasel their way into his recruitment to help jolt their forlorn offensive woes, or any other regional Big Ten/Big 12 school. 5.5/10.

Pop Watson

BALLIN!!!!!!!! *Jim Jones voice* In my opinion, he's a top 5 QB in his class & no one can tell me otherwise. I know for a fact Ole Miss & Virginia Tech were recruiting him a few months ago, I'm not sure about now. I think he's solid to Nebraska, but if Whipple goes he's probably gone too. 6/10.

Gunnar Gottula

Lincoln kid. Husker fan. Regardless of staff, we're Gucci here. 1/10.

Maverick Noonan

Son of a Husker legend. Survived battle with several other notable programs. Regardless of coaching staff, I think he wants to be a Blackshirt. 2/10.

Benjamin Brahmer

Rural Nebraska kid. Husker fan. 1/10.

Dylan Rogers

I like this guy a lot. We beat out some Big 12 teams for his commitment. If there is a coaching change, I think he is susceptible to flipping. 7/10.

Brock Knutson

Scoblo kid. Grew up a Husker fan. Solid regardless of coaching staff. 1/10.

Sam Sledge

In-state kid that wants to be a Husker. 1/10.

Dwight Bootle

Kid has been flat out dominant his last 2 seasons in high school. Schools question his size. I know for a fact Northwestern and Pittsburgh are still recruiting him tough. That Week 0 loss spoke in volumes. If Headmaster Fisher is excommunicated by the end of the season, he might be gone with the wind. 7/10.

Barry Jackson

I didn't like this take at all at first. I eventually came around & think he's a good player. I think he sticks regardless of the coach, but wouldn't be surprised if a new staff drops him. 6/10.

Hayden Moore

He's a good player. I wasn't enthralled at first, but I like him a lot more now. Think he sticks. 4/10.

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