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Big Ten Conference Rankings - Week 2

A little bit of excitement but also a lot of boring.

Notre Dame v Ohio State Photo by Ben Jackson/Getty Images

We have a little bit of movement after the first week of the season. Two teams dropped because of losses and another dropped because it was not that pretty of a win. Overall a decent weekend but not enough to really determine who belong where in the conference outside of the top five or so.

1. Ohio State (1-0 & 0-0 Big Ten) - Beat #5 Notre Dame 21-10

It took awhile for OSU to get their game plan on track but they did pull off the win against the Fighting Irish. The Buckeyes like to throw, though their run game sealed the win. Still the best team in the conference.

2. Michigan (1-0 & 0-0 Big Ten) - Beat Colorado State 51-7

They curb stomped the Rams in Ann Arbor. Jim Harbaugh is having fun.

3. Wisconsin (1-0 & 0-0 Big Ten) Beat Illinois State 38-0

I am going to go out on a limb and say that a stout defense and solid run game won this for the Badgers. Just a hunch.

4. Michigan State (1-0 & 0-0 Big Ten) Beat Western Michigan 35-13

I love it when directionals and ag schools play each other. I would have watched but Serina Williams was playing the last match of her career.

5. Penn State (1-0 & 1-0 Big Ten ) Beat Purdue 35-31

Penn State, Purdue might be better than we realize but you need to get yourself together if you even want to think of yourself as a “contender”. Thus, you drop from #3 to #5.

6. Iowa (1-0 & 0-0 Big Ten) Beat South Dakota Sate 7-3

There is a new terminology in the college football lexicon. It is the “Iowa Touchdown”. How do you make an Iowa Touchdown? You take a field goal and add two safeties. I think we have Jason Kirk of the Shutdown Fullcast to thank for this.

7. Northwestern (1-0 & 1-0 Big Ten) Bye

8. Minnesota (1-0 & 0-0 Big Ten) Beat New Mexico State 38-0

I’m not even going to go into the fact that former Minnesota coach Jerry Kill is currently coaching the Aggies. NMSU probably needs to drop down to the FCS with Idaho.

9. Maryland (1-0 & 0-0 Big Ten) Beat Buffalo 31-10

I didn’t watch this game or have any clue what went on. Making my streak of not watching a single Maryland game continues into 2022. Good win for Terps.

10. Rutgers (1-0 & 0-0 Big Ten) Beat Boston College 22-21

You just beat the Rutgers of the ACC. Wait, maybe Syracuse is the Rutgers of the ACC? I don’t know anymore. Is there any way the Northeast FBS teams can become good?

11. Indiana (1-0 & 1-0 Big Ten) Beat Illinois 23-20

Hoosiers, you got lucky.

12. Purdue (0-1 & 0-1 Big Ten) Lost to Penn State 31-35

So close Purdue. You almost beat the Nittany Lions. I still think PSU is a good team so I’m not dropping you to last place. I also think you might be better than your record and could easily move up this ranking as the season goes on.

13. Nebraska (1-1 & 0-1 Big Ten) Beat North Dakota 38-17

North Dakota is a sold team. Very well coached and kept Nebraska on it’s heels for the first half. However, I saw little in this game that game me much confidence in the Huskers.

14. Illinois (1-1 & 0-1 Big Ten) Lost to Indiana 20-23

Bert, I think you might be on to something here. Tough loss to Indiana. I would expect more from this team as the season goes on. The only reason you are dead last is because of your record and it was against Indiana.