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Nebraska’s Defense Will Make or Break This Season and So Far It Isn’t Looking Good

A win over North Dakota is nice but the issues on the defense make it difficult to feel good about the season going forward.

North Dakota v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Watching Iowa struggle to pull a 7-3 win over South Dakota State yesterday was interesting. The Iowa fans were obviously upset with the state of the offense for the Hawkeyes. Many of the Nebraska fans took this very opportunity to take shots at Iowa.

I kept coming back and saying even when the game was in doubt for Iowa that no matter what happens they were going to find a way to walk away from the game against South Dakota State with win. The coaching staff will likely be fine with it and then they will go down the road.

Fast forward and to halftime of the Nebraska game where the Huskers are tied 7-7 against North Dakota which is also a FCS team though without the notoriety of South Dakota State.

Did I feel the same in regards to how I felt about Iowa?

Not even close.

I had zero confidence that Nebraska was going to pull out a win on Saturday. In fact, I wasn’t sure how Nebraska was going to get a win in 2022. Especially with the inability of the Nebraska defense to get off the field.

This is concern number one for this team.

As Robin Washut from on3 said in his article from the game:

There were defensive communication and alignment issues from the opening drive, not to mention another slew of glaring missed tackles and coverage breakdowns early on. On a fourth-down play at the end of the first half, UND converted a first down, and Nebraska’s players were running down the field celebrating as if they had no clue what had just happened.

I knew that this defense would not be as good as Erik Chinander’s 2021 version but I expected much better than what they are giving this team so far in 2022. We should expect growing pains for this offense as it continues to meld philosophical styles between Whipple and Frost.

That’s what we have seen so far through two games. There are reasons for hope for this offense. Nebraska had seven drives in the second half and scored on five of them — four touchdowns and a field goal.

The offense has Anthony Grant. He appears to be the running back workhorse that Nebraska has been searching for over the past five years of Scott Frost’s tenure.

Grant had 183 yards on 23 carries and he wasn’t exactly working with a dominating offensive line. He could be the shining star on the otherwise bleak start of the 2022 season. True freshman Ajay Allen doesn’t look too bad either.

It was expect that this defense was going to bail out this offense for the first part of the season, but against North Dakota it was the offense that bailed out the defense. After Casey Thompson’s interception Nebraska fan 26 plays. Twenty of them were runs. Maybe they are starting to find an identity.

That would be nice.

As of right now the identity of this Nebraska defense is missed assignments, missed alignments and missed tackles.

If they don’t get those things fixed then there is not much hope for this season.

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