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Friday Flakes: Best Months of the Year and BIG/NFL Comparisons

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Foggy sunrise, Minneapolis, September 2022, by David Joles, Star Tribune Photo by David Joles/Star Tribune via Getty Images

Bussin’ with the Boys is Will Compton’s podcast in which he allows a Michigan Wolverine, in Taylor Lewan, to sometimes show up as give his two cents here and there. But we know that Compton is the star.

The usually have a segment called Tier Talk in which they rank certain things. The most recent was on the best months of the year.

I have somewhat changed my mind but I’m definitely sticking with April and May as two of the three. Those are probably my two favorite months of the year. You have made your way out of the winter weather and with that brings hope.

Hope for new life. Hope for new hobbies. Hope for weather that doesn’t include ice.

The third month was between September and October. We are made our way out of the crap that is June and July. The weather is cooling off and there is football.

What are your favorite months?

It’s Hard to Argue With This

Though, being compared to the Lions right now isn’t THAT bad as they are at least trending up I would say.


The 3-2-1: Nebraska's sellout streak lives on and more OL issues
What changes and improvements can the Nebraska football team make over a bye week?

We break everything down in this week’s 3-2-1 column with three things we learned, ask two questions, and make one prediction.

Practice cliffs: Whipple addresses tempo talk; Busch identifies defense's issues; and Whipple's sense of humor appreciated
Nebraska practiced Wednesday in advance of Saturday night’s home game against Indiana (3-1, 1-0 Big Ten). Afterward, offensive coordinator Mark Whipple and defensive coordinator Bill Busch addressed reporters’ questions at Memorial Stadium.

Bye week helped Joseph slow things down as he grows in Husker head coaching role
Mickey Joseph found out something while he was back in his home state of Louisiana recruiting this past weekend, crossing paths with familiar faces.

"Everybody wants the job," said Nebraska's interim head coach. "Everybody had answers."

Hoiberg expects more balanced Husker team, which has had plenty of time to bond ($)
With opening week of preseason hoops practices upon us, Fred Hoiberg has a new look squad but also one he thinks has become rather tight-knit. And they've had more time than some might think to do so, as we'll get to below.

Nebraska offers 2025 quarterback ($)
On Wednesday night 2025 Lexington (Ky.) Christian Academy quarterback Cutter Boley announced a Nebraska offer on social media, tagging Huskers assistant Bryan Applewhite.

Boley is one of the top young prospects in the state and in the country, making 247’s initial 2025 Top 100.

PGA Tour countersuit claims LIV Golf induced golfers to breach existing contracts by offering 'astronomical sums of money'
The PGA Tour filed a countersuit against LIV Golf on Wednesday, claiming the Saudi Arabian-financed circuit has interfered with existing contracts it had with its members.

New York Yankees star Aaron Judge hits 61st home run of season, tying Roger Maris' mark
New York Yankees star Aaron Judge hit his 61st home run of the season Wednesday night against the Toronto Blue Jays, tying Roger Maris' American League record.

It took Maris until Oct. 1, the final game of the 1961 season, to hit his 61st, which broke Babe Ruth's single-season mark of 60 home runs set in 1927.

Eli Manning walks back Monday night snark regarding Russell Wilson
The ManningCast is so good because it’s just a couple of guys who know a thing or two about football talking about football. It’s loose, it’s unscripted, it’s fun.

And it sometimes includes poking a little harmless fun at a team, a player, a coach, whoever.

Ump show hits Marlins-Mets when ump calls 3 straight balks on pitcher in 1 inning
Miami Marlins pitcher Richard Bleier went seven seasons in his MLB career before committing his first balk. The wait for his second, and third, balk was more than a little shorter.

Lane Kiffin's fan gripes bring up fair point: Is college football about the game or the party?
No. 14 Ole Miss hosts No. 7 Kentucky on Saturday in Oxford. Both teams are undefeated. This is, to say the least, a big game.

The scant few area hotel rooms available are running $600 a night, you can forget about a Friday night reservation at City Grocery and the cops are already warning everyone about the traffic.

Exclusive: Qatar conscripts civilians for World Cup security | Reuters
Qatar has called up hundreds of civilians, including diplomats summoned back from overseas, for mandatory military service operating security checkpoints at World Cup stadiums, according to a source and documents seen by Reuters.


Opinion | 'Love Bombing,' 'Gaslighting,' and the Rise of 'Trauma-Talk' - The New York Times
The man had been effusive, at first — sending compliments, engaging in witty back-and-forths, making a playlist that included that song by Mazzy Star (you know the one). And then, suddenly, he wasn’t.

New Anthony Bourdain Book Traces His Life and Last, Painful Days - The New York Times
A new, unauthorized biography reveals intimate, often raw, details of the TV star’s life, including his tumultuous relationship with the Italian actor Asia Argento. And it’s drawing criticism from many of his friends and family.

Stone Skipping Is a Lost Art. Kurt Steiner Wants the World to Find It. - Outside Online
Meet an amazing man who has dedicated his entire adult life to stone skipping, sacrificing everything to produce world-record throws that defy the laws of physics. To hear him tell it, he has no choice.

Fresh Evidence Emerges of Alleged Russian Atrocities in Once-Occupied Ukraine - WSJ ($)
More than 400 bodies were found in a mass burial site when Ukrainians took back a town that Russians occupied

Catacomb of Commodilla will open to the public for the first time
The opening of the ancient Roman catacomb of Commodilla was announced by the Pontifical Commission of Sacred Archeology as part of the inaugural events of the Jubilee of 2025.

You’re Weekly Shel Silverstein Poem


We gave you a chance
To water the plants
We didn’t mean it that way—
Now zip up your pants