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Nebraska Tied 7-7 With North Dakota After The Saddest Husker Half Ever

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse.

NCAA Football: North Dakota at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Travis Vokolek and Nick Heinrich are out for this game. Omar Manning is in.

Nebraska wins the toss but defers to the second half. There goes the chance to start the game with an onside kick.

North Dakota stalls on their 11-play opening drive. Nebraska misses tackles along the way. The Fighting Hawks punt, our beloved Huskers fair catch the ball at the 13.

Nebraska 7-0

Nebraska scores on their first possession, Anthony Grant with a 19-yard touchdown run. The Huskers moved their way down the field with decent efficiency. Casey Thompson completed passes to Marcus Washington, Trey Palmer, and a key third down pick up to Alante Brown.

Scoring Drive: 8 plays, 87 yards, 02:02

PAT Kick by Bleekrode,Timmy Good

Nebraska forces a three and out. Javin Wright blocks the North Dakota punt, but Wyatt Liewer for some inexplicable reason, tries to grab the ball before it’s completely dead and never turns it over to the Fighting Hawks.

Nebraska turns the ball over when Teddy Prochazka gets beat off the right side, Thompson gets hit and drops the ball which is recovered by North Dakota’s Devon Krzanowski.

Nebraska forces a three and out. Wyatt Liewer doesn’t try to grab the ball this time as Isaiah Garcia-Castaneda fair catches the ball to start at the 23. Nebraska’s offensive line can’t do anything well, so they give up some sacks and the Huskers punt.

The two teams trade possessions without much happening. Nebraska gains some yardage, more than North Dakota. A Husker drive stalls at the 19 as Thompson throws a near interception. Timmy Bleekrode misses a 37-yard field goal attempt.

Somewhere, a dog barked.

North Dakota 7-7

The Fighting Hawks went on a 16-play, 80-yard drive to score on a 1-yard play action pass to their tight end.

They picked up a third and long and a fourth and two along the way. Scott Frost inexplicably called timeouts to stop the clock and aid them in their scoring drive.

First Half Summary

Nebraska’s defense missed so many tackles it wasn’t worth counting. The offensive line gave up two sacks. North Dakota possessed the ball for 20:38 compared to 9:22 for our beloved Huskers

This is perhaps the saddest half of football in Nebraska history.