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Nebraska Starts Slow But Puts Away North Dakota 38-17

It looked convincing in the end, but the same old problems showed up over and over

North Dakota v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

The Huskers will be without Nick Henrich and Travis Vokolek today. They WILL have Omar Manning. Ernest Hausman (freshman) is getting the start at linebacker.

First Quarter

The Hawks got the ball first. The Blackshirts forced a third and nine, but (DRINK!) a missed tackle allowed North Dakota to convert. The Hawks converted another first down, followed by a missed tackle (maybe we shouldn’t play the drinking game) for another first down as ND moved past midfield.

MOAR missed tackles. It’s an epidemic!

On fourth and four at the Husker 32, North Dakota false started. Punt. Husker ball at the 13.

It was looking bleak, but Thompson found Alante Brown for a first down! That was followed by a tremendous catch by Marcus Washington that was originally ruled incomplete and reverersed on review.

Washington and Palmer moved the Huskers in to the red zone. Then, it was Anthony Grant time - TOUCHDOWN!!!!!

Nebraska 7 North Dakota 0

(NO, please don’t)

Three and out for the Blackshirts and JAVIN WRIGHT PARTIALLY BLOCKS THE PUNT! Wyatt Liewer made a HUGE mistake by picking up the punt and the Hawks claimed they jarred it loose. The officials reviewed and decided Nebraska got to keep it.

Casey Thompson loaded up for the home run ball and Trey Palmer was hit early. 15 yard penalty, first down. That was as good as it got. Thompson fumbled and the Hawks got on the ball. North Dakota ball on their own 45. Thompson was injured on the play.

Three and out for North Dakota. The announcers are saying Casey Thompson is fine.

The Hawks committed a roughing the passer penalty. Ajay Allen is in the game at running back. After a sack led to third and 20, Allen gained nine. Punt. North Dakota ball at the 15.

Second Quarter

The Hawks quickly moved past midfield but a penalty put them behind the sticks and the Blackshirts forced a punt.

Thompson found Nate Boerkircher for a first down at midfield and Anthony Grant showed some wiggle to power the Huskers. I was about to post an APB for the run game, but Whipple must have gotten the message from me yelling at the TV.

Omar Manning got the Huskers into the red zone. The drive stalled there and Timmy Bleekrode missed the 37 yard field goal.

Nebraska 7 North Dakota 0

Missed tackles continue. Now, the Blackshirts are stringing together multiple ones on the same play.

The Hawks moved into the red zone, making the Nebraska defense look very porous along the way.

Scott Frost used timeouts to preserve some time in the half.

On fourth and two, the Hawks tried to draw the Huskers offsides. After the timeout, North Dakota really did go for it and made the distance.

First and goal. The refs inititally ruled the runner was short, but replays showed he was across the line. There was not enough for the officials to overturn it.

Second and goal. 17 seconds. Good thing Scott Frost took those timeouts to give ND plenty of chances on the goal line. Touchdown.

Nebraska 7 North Dakota 7

The Huskers have 13 seconds. Kneel down. #BooBirds


Third Quarter

A bomb to Trey Palmer gets the Huskers past midfield. Despite gaining a bunch of yards, it was a terrible pass (underthrown). Palmer had to wait an eternity for the ball to get there.

Anthony Grant - we see you!!

Triple option!!

TOUCHDOWN NATE BOERKIRCHER!!! The tight end was wide open up the middle.

Nebraska 14 North Dakota 7

Cue the onside kick jokes.

We can hold on to a tackle!!! TFL by Luke Gifford.

Third and 12 for the Hawks. They gain 16.

Whew. The Hawks coughed up the ball (Garret Nelson strip sack) recovered by Wynn.

ANTHONY GRANT WE SEE YOU!! Somehow, the Husker back made a busted play into a big gain.

Thompson overthrew Palmer. Then Thompson delivered a great pass to Chancellor Brewington who was hit hard by a Hawk. The officials reviewed it for targeting, but the officials said no. Fourth and eight.

Bleekrode’s 46 yard field goal was right down the middle.

Nebraska 17 North Dakota 7

THAT’S THE NEBRASKA WE KNOW AND LOVE. The Hawks bust a huge run (63 yards) to set up first and goal.

Garret Nelson stuffs the first down run.

Second and goal. Stopped at the line.

Third and goal. Buford PBU.

Fourth and goal. Field goal is good.

Nebraska 17 North Dakota 10

Anthony Grant muffed the kickoff but the Huskers got on top of it. Because of the muff, it was Husker ball at the 12 instead of the 25. #SpecialTeams

Two runs were stuffed, including Gabe Ervin. On third down, Thompson threw an interception over the middle. Hawk ball at the Husker eight. To quote Dear Leader, “Oh for shit’s sake.”

Touchdown Hawks.

Nebraska 17 North Dakota 17

Anthony Grant.

Omar Manning.


Nebraska 24 North Dakota 17

The Corn Nation live thread comments are all in agreement. We can end the game with an onside kick.

OMG, THEY DID IT. It did not work. I get it, the 15 yard penalty was a great opportunity and didn’t cost the Huskers much in field position (Hawk ball at the 32 instead of 25), but after last week, Nebraska fans don’t have much patience and the boo birds came out in full force.

Three and out. Husker ball at the 37.

Ajay Allen loses yards. Casey Thompson gains yards, but holding is called on the Huskers. Incomplete pass with intentional grounding added on top.

Fourth Quarter

Fourth and forever.

Husker ball at the 10.

A hit on Thompson was reviewed for roughing/targeting but it was deemed to be a non-penalty.


GRANT - again. And again. did Frost learn something from Northwestern last week? It appears so.

Ajay Allen spells Grant. #RunTheBallGuy is happy.


Nebraska 30 North Dakota 17

Two score lead in the fourth quarter.

No onside kick. #SighOfRelief

Fourth down pass is incomplete. Husker ball on the Hawk 38.

I think the idea of rotating backs is dying in this game. Anthony Grant is the guy. The clock is winding down under four minutes.

Ajay Allen looks pretty good right now too.

Touchdown Nebraska!

Nebraska 38 North Dakota 17

North Dakota gets the ball with two minutes left.

Final. Nebraska 38 North Dakota 17