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Why The Nebraska Sellout Streak Is Important (And Why You Should Keep Going to Games)

North Dakota v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Trev Alberts recently announced the Nebraska sellout streak is intact for the Indiana game, making it the 386th straight sellout at Memorial Stadium.

Steve Sipple said it’s part of “Nebraska’s identity” on Big Red Wrap up.

Is it important the sellout streak keeps going?

Yes. It’s a sales tool. Right now, it’s the best sales tool Nebraska has.


Last night Nebraska athletic director Trev Alberts said that the sellout streak is still intact for the Indiana game coming up this weekend. And then it’s on a week to week basis on life support. Is that important is the solid streak important to you? I don’t know but always seems to set people off. So it’s a good idea to make a YouTube video about it because I got work I don’t really want to do right now. And I’d rather do this with you.

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I saw Steve Sipple recently said on Big Red Wrap Up that the sellout streak is part of Nebraska’s identity, we will use words like identity. Because, I mean, we just did stuff in there to find stuff like when we can’t think of something else to come up with, quite frankly, think it’s kind of lazy to do that.

It’s kind of like saying culture, or a guy has a good motor. They’re just standard descriptions.

I think there’s very pragmatic reasons for Nebraska sell out should stay intact, and there’s very good reasons you should keep going to the games even though the product on the field may be difficult to watch and suck.

The sellout streak is part of Nebraska’s brand, another word I hate, but it’s kind of important to marketing people and people who sell stuff. Nebraska has one of the most the biggest brands, which is why we’re still relevant even though we’re completely terrible at football and could go 1-11 this season.

Why is it important in Nebraska’s brand? it’s important to Nebraska is brand because it’s easy for an announcer with a watch and a game to describe the loyalty of Nebraska’s fan base. It’s like a little soundbite. They can say something like Nebraska is sold out 386 games in a row. That’s amazing what a loyal fan base. And that’s it.

They don’t have to go into explaining anything. It’s a very easy tagline. It’s like a bumper sticker, a t-shirt slogan, and people eat stuff up that’s very easy.

Why is that important?

That’s important because we need to sell ourselves. We need to sell ourselves to the next coach. We need to sell ourselves to the next recruit. We need to sell ourselves to other fan bases. Well, we don’t really that last part, but selling yourself to the next coach, when they say hey, we keep selling out games all the time, you’re going to have a crowd, which means all the recruits are going to show up and they’re going to go, “I’m going to play in front of 80,000 people”.

That’s a big deal. And it’s like I said, it’s easy to explain to them. It’s also easy to explain to people when you’re selling advertising, you can say “Yeah, everybody shows up. We’ve sold all the tickets for every game ever or at least as long as that old man’s life that does those YouTube videos.”

That’s a big deal if you want to make money or you want to be a brand.

I know there’s a lot of cynics about the solid streak. They say, “It’s been fake for a while.” “Boosters have been buying them up” or “I see empty seats, they couldn’t have sold all the tickets”.

That’s the key here. They’re selling all the tickets? Does it really matter if they sold them on the boosters? Does it really matter? If everybody shows up and there might be some empty seats somewhere? No, it’s still a sellout streak.

In fact, if you talk to promoters who put on events, they will probably tell you that 90% of tickets sold is considered a sellout. If we get that picky about Nebraska sellout streak, I mean, we’re really just kind of into this self loathing, we beat ourselves over the head thing.

Ndow, why is it important to Nebraska fans? I think it’s important in Nebraska fans to keep going to the games to remind yourself that this is something we all love, even though it sucks right now. And that we should keep the streak intact. It is something we do, even if the relationship right now is kind of bad. I hope that people would look at Nebraska football games for at least the rest of the season. I’d say you know, this is still something I love. I love being around Nebraska fans, even if we’re just sitting in the stadium bitching about everything together. We’re still all sticking together and all kinds of weather. B

ut the important thing to remember about the sellout streak is it’s about sales. You can say it’s about identity, you can say it’s about culture, but it’s really about selling yourself to people. And it is important for Nebraska football, especially right now and moving forward.

I know this is easy for me some old guy that sits in Minnesota and isn’t going to make it to a game this year but I hope the Nebraska fans continue to get to the games and somehow find a way to enjoy themselves and maybe maybe we’ll make something of it the rest of the year.

We’ll see what happens. That’s my take on the Nebraska so hot streak Love y’all please subscribe take care of yourselves Go Big Red