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Big Ten Rankings - Week 5

Minnesota v Michigan State Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images

Not a whole lot this past weekend in terms of drama. Everyone did what they were expected to do outside of maybe Michigan State.

This up coming week we are fully into the conference slate so we should get a better idea of just where everyone is in the Big Ten.

1. Ohio State (4-0 & 1-0 Big Ten) - Beat Wisconsin 52-21

I think the Ryan Day War Machine has become fully engaged. Up next is Rutgers. Hey folks, anyone want to witness a murder happen in real life?

2. Michigan (3-0 & 1-0 Big Ten) - Beat Maryland 34-27

Michigan, you let the Terps play for too long. Or, is it that Maryland is actually a decent team? More milk for Harbaugh. The meat of the schedule is just starting with a trip to Iowa City where the Hawkeyes still just have a defense and little of anything else. But, that just might be enough to beat Michigan.

3. Penn State (4-0 & 1-0 Big Ten ) Beat Central Michigan 33-14

Another win until they lose to OSU. Have fun pulverizing Northwestern this week.

4. Minnesota (4-0 & 1-0 Big Ten) Beat Michigan State 34-7

Minnesota is the toast of the Big Ten West. Not that is a lot but you’re looking better than the six other teams in the division. Up next is a Purdue team that is in desperate need of another win. Could this be a snakebite game for the Golden Gophers?

5. Iowa (3-1 & 1-0 Big Ten) Beat Rutgers 27-10

They’ve got top ranked Michigan this weekend. Can their defense make up for whatever their offense can’t do to pull off the upset?

6. Illinois (3-1 & 0-1 Big Ten) Beat Chattanooga 31-0

Illinois lost their first game of the season to Indiana in what some would consider a screw up by the refs. They have quietly amassed three wins since. The now head up to Madison to take on the Badgers where they are currently a seven point underdog. I would not be surprised if that number goes down as the week moves along. Also, the Illini moved up so much because so many lost ahead of them and to be honest I think Bret might be on to something.

7. Wisconsin (2-2 & 0-1 Big Ten) Lost to Ohio State 21-52

Something is off in Madison. OSU should have beaten Bucky, but not this badly.

8. Michigan State (2-2 & 0-1 Big Ten) Lost to Minnesota 7-34

Yeeeeeesh, be wary of big contracts. Or, this is just a lull for Sparty?

9. Maryland (3-1 & 0-1 Big Ten) Lost to Michigan 27-34

Hmmmm, I know the Terps lost but I think Maryland might be sneaky good.

10. Purdue (2-2 & 0-1 Big Ten) Beat Florida Atlantic 28-26

Hey, you’re moving up in the world. Now, go take on a surging Minnesota team. I dare you.

11. Rutgers (3-1 & 0-1 Big Ten) Lost to Iowa 10-27

OSU is going to pound you into the ground this week. Enjoy the road trip to Columbus while you can. Call your lawyers to finalize your wills.

12. Indiana (3-1 & 1-1 Big Ten) Lost to Cincinnati 45-24

Don’t care.

13. Northwestern (1-3 & 1-0 Big Ten) Lost to Miami (OH)

You are making Nebraska look worse and worse every week.

14. Nebraska (1-3 & 0-1 Big Ten) Bye