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Nebraska Football’s Next Head Coach: Weekly Power Rankings - September 27th

It’s all based off of rumors rumors and some rumors. How many of them are true? Are most of them false? Here are the power rankings for September 27th for the next coach at Nebraska.

Duke v Kansas Photo by Jay Biggerstaff/Getty Images

This will serve as my weekly power ranking list for who will be the probable next head coach for Nebraska. This list is not who I want to see become the next head coach. This list is who I believe will become the head coach at Nebraska.

It will likely change every week depending upon rumors, wins, losses and everything else in-between.

Power Rankings from September 20th.

First: Lance Leipold, Head Coach Kansas

This might be the second hottest name for Nebraska fans. Leipold continues to impress and in his second season apparently has a Top 25 football team. Well they should be top 25 if the voters took their time and pulled their heads out of their butts.

He wins everywhere.

Change from Last Week: Moved up a spot as he continues to impress at Kansas.

Second: Matt Campbell, Head Coach Iowa State

Iowa State lost to Baylor in the battle for Nebraska’s heart and soul. It shouldn’t matter and for Trev Alberts it probably doesn’t matter who won that game when it comes to choosing the next head coach.

His shine might be going away. It is interesting that it sounds like he turned down an offer to coach the Detroit Lions as well. Is the Nebraska job better than the Detroit Lions? Supposedly it was an 8-year $68 million offer.

There was a tweet this weekend I forgot to save. Unfortunately, Matt Campbell’s record in one score games looks a lot like Scott Frost’s record. Maybe somebody can find that tweet.

Change from Last Week: Dropped one spot. More to do with Lance Leipold jumping him and not as a result of losing to Baylor.

Third: Bill O’Brien, Offensive Coordinator Alabama

He has had head coach experience at Penn State and in the NFL. Now he is taking lessons from Nick Saban in Alabama. He went 15-9 at Penn State and 52-48 for the Houston Texans but lead them to four playoff appearances.

Unless the Alabama offense tanks or we start hearing rumors, it is likely that his position on this list may not move much.

This is what I had last week and it’s likely not going to change as he’s the OC and not a head coach. He would be lower on my list personally but according to Bruce Feldman he is in the top 3 so here ya go.

Change from Last Week: Up two spots because of Feldman report. Put up 55 points against Vanderbilt.

Fourth: Dave Aranda, Head Coach Baylor

This is the current hot pick for Nebraska fans and there is no reason why he shouldn’t be. He has coached in the Big Ten and is one hell of a defensive coach. He’s still winning at Baylor.

He is lower on this list because I think he will have his pick of the litter and will likely be the most wanted coach on the market I would assume at the end of this season.

Can Trev Alberts be persuasive enough to wrap him up early?

Change from Last Week: Unranked.

Fifth: Mickey Joseph, Interim-Head Coach Nebraska

Nebraska goes into the Indiana game as a favorite for reasons that I don’t understand. This is going to be hard for Joseph to climb this list but I hope he does.

Change from Last Week: Bye week. And for various reasons, Nebraska apparently lost that one as well. Dropped two spots because of Aranda and Bill O’Brien making jumps.

The Outside Looking In (No Particular Order)

  • Matt Rhule, Head Coach Carolina Panthers
  • Urban Meyer, Fox Sports Analyst
  • Mark Stoops, Kentucky Head Coach
  • Dave Doeren, Head Coach North Carolina State
  • Bronco Mendenhall, Retired
  • Jim Leonhard, Defensive Coordinator Wisconsin
  • Jamey Chadwell, Head Coach Coastal Carolina
  • Gary Patterson - Defensive Analyst Texas
  • Lane Kiffin - Head Coach Ole Miss