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Week Four Predictions: Nebraska vs. Bye Week

Northern Iowa v Iowa State Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images

Mike: Well, there won’t be a close Husker loss this weekend!

Andy: Bye Week 24th. Nebraska 13. Just kidding. As a reward for free beer in Ireland, Nebraska will be sitting out the first weekend of conference play. No major Poll Bowls, with Tennessee-Florida and Arkansas-aTm being the headliners. I like the Future Coach theme and am eternally grateful Bill O’Brien is not making an appearance.

Dave Aranda (Baylor +2.5) at Matt Campbell (Iowa State)

Mike: I think the Fightin’ Campbells have been a bit better than the Fightin’ Arandas thus far this season. Campbell 31, Aranda 27

Andy: In keeping with the theme, to hell with in-depth analysis - because I so specialize in THAT - I’m just gonna pick my coach. And it’s easy here. Aranda is #3 in my personal top 5 for next Head Husker Honcho and Campbell’s not on it. Campbell has done well at Iowa State but seemingly with a 9-win ceiling in 12 seasons as the chief. In his first season as an HC, Aranda went 2-7 in 2020 then followed that with a 12-2 mark, conference title and Sugar Bowl victory which was the best season in school history. Baylor 27 ISU 20

Jon: The good thing about the Bye week is getting the chance to watch a bunch of other teams you wouldn’t otherwise see. This is one of those games. I enjoy watching our old Big 12 opponents, but don’t take the chance very often. This is a great early morning game. I have no idea who will win this. Iowa State 31 Baylor 28

Rutgers (+7.5) at Iowa

Mike: Is 7.5 the point spread or the over/under? This game might come down to quarterback lack-of-play. With Rutgers, Noah Vedral has been out for over a month due to injury, and Gavin Wimsatt missed last week’s game due to an injury suffered the week prior. And, of course, Iowa still has Spencer Petras. So Rutgers third string quarterback (Evan Simon) vs. Petras? Well, Petras doesn’t have to face the Iowa defense. Squawkeyes 11, Rutgers 3.

Andy: Ah, here is a matchup which is almost certain to not only be downright offensive to any fans who have the guts or stupidity to tune in, but an actual affront to the game of college football itself. You will truly wonder why this game is in color. Whoops, sorry, Iowa, didn’t mean to scare you. Iowa 12 Rutgers 8

Jon: I am so looking forward to the awfulness of this game. The celebration of punting! The wonderfulness of no offense! Be sure to take breaks frequently throughout this game to keep your eyeballs from bleeding! OMG I cannot wait! Rutgers 9 Iowa 7

Minnesota (-3) at Michigan State

Mike: I wouldn’t have made the Goofs a favorite in August, but they’ve proved it on the field. Goofers 34, Sparty 23

Andy: It could be a very long year for the Sparty admins who approved the Mel Tucker $95M debacle. The only thing PJ Fleck loves more than himself is….just kidding, such thing, animal or person does not exist. But if I was him, I would be testing contract waters after pasting State. Minny 48 Sparty 27

Jon: This is an incredible opportunity for PJ Fleck to show progress and a key game for the Gophers if they want to win the Big Ten West. My family will be watching. I’m not convinced Mel Tucker has made as much progress as his contract value. I’m fairly sure that the Gophers have a good handle on what they’re doing offensively. Can they successfully block another Big Ten team? I say yes. Minnesota 24, Sparty 17

Duke (+7.5) at Lance Leipold (Kansas)

Mike: Undefeated Kansas? What in the Mangino is going on in Lawrence? Simple...a program builder, which might just be what is needed in Lincoln. LL hands the Dookies an L. Leipold 31, Doooook 20

Andy: An improved Blue Devil squad should provide another nice test for Kansas, but when they signed up for this game, they probably weren’t expecting to take on an undefeated Jayhawk squad in a sold out stadium. Your next Husker head coach keeps the train rolling. Kansas 28 Duke 20

Jon: Good for Kansas. Everyone should enjoy the experience of having a winning team once in a while. Beat Duke, then keep beating people and make it clear that Lance Leipold is worth our while if we steal him to Nebraska.

Chris Klieman (Kansas State +12.5) at Oklahoma

Mike: K-State dropped an egg last week while the Sooners dropped a bomb on the Huskers. Sooners 38, Fightin’ Klieman’s 17

Andy: I don’t think Klieman is in actual consideration for the Husker job other than his name being thrown out there since he’s at a Midwestern school which consistently has winning records. He is not at all about being the face of the program and making public appearances, being press friendly, etc. Kansas St., having lived the same experience with Mr. Charisma, Bill Snyder, could care less.

Nebraska, on the other hand, gets out the knives any time its head coach makes the slightest public gaffe or does not exhibit their perceived qualities of a “CEO”. This is not a Tinder match and both parties are swiping left. Also, Adrian has looked awful this season and the Oklahoma defense will not be his coming out party. Sooners 36 Wildcats 16

Jon: Oklahoma should beat the holy hell out of Kansas State. Nebraska is terrible, but Oklahoma will continue to show they’re one of the top teams in the nation. Oklahoma 48, Kansas State 17