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Wednesday Flakes Makes You Look At The Sky

Seriously, look up

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Scenes From The Atacama Desert - The Driest Place On Earth Photo by John Moore/Getty Images,

It may come to no surprise to many of you but Nebraska has some pretty clear skies that are free of light pollution. So much so that there is now a “Sky Park” in Cherry County designated so because of the lake of light pollution. (article below)

Pretty cool designation. I recommend you all leave your city dwellings sometime this fall and check it out. I say that assuming that may of you live in a town/city type situation.

Any who, enjoy your Wednesday.

Mankilling Mastodons

Can Nebraska repeat the past? That’s a good question
Nebraska moved to the Big Ten a decade ago for financial security. The price the Huskers paid has been steep.

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UCLA basketball mourn untimely death of former forward Jalen Hill
Former UCLA Bruins forward Jalen Hill has passed away at just 22 years of age after reportedly going missing in Costa Rica.

NFL suspends Bills OL Bobby Hart for allegedly punching Titans coach in the head
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UFC news: 17-year-old Raul Rosas Jr. details beating up grown men
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Data-driven storytelling.

Yellow Journalism

Spruce trees have arrived in the Arctic tundra a century ahead of schedule
As climate change decimates forests in places like Europe and the American west, boreal trees are moving into the Arctic.

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Chadron State College promised to honor a student after her suicide. Her family says ‘they’re hiding it’ | Nebraska Public Media
Fatima Larios’ family hoped school officials could use her death as a way to help others trapped in abusive relationships seek support. Years later, the family thinks the Nebraska school has quietly tried to distance itself from the tragedy.

Remote Sandhills reservoir declared an 'international dark sky park' | Nebraska Examiner
Remote reservoir in Nebraska's Sandhills honored as 'International Dark Sky Park' by organization fighting light pollution.

Auditory Enlightenment