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Big Ten Rankings - Week 4

We get presidential

Toledo v Ohio State Photo by Ben Jackson/Getty Images

Not a whole lot of movement this week outside of Sparty taking it on the chin in Seattle. The top is still roughly the top and the bottom doesn’t seem to be getting much better than where they started. This will be a test week for teams like Minnesota who have cake walked into the season so far. The conference slate is also in full swing for most teams so we are getting into the meat of the season.

The East is still the top of the conference as the West is still trying to figure things out. Oh yeah, Rutgers is 3-0 for the first time since the Van Buren administration. Was college football even around back during his time as president? No, not in the least. But, he did have some pretty sweet chops so I bring him up. I hope you all had a nice weekend and wish you the best for the incoming week.

Martin Van Buren, 1782-1862, 8th President of the United States, 1837-1841, Portrait, Mathew Brady, 1855-58 Photo by: GHI Vintage/Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

1. Ohio State (3-0 & 0-0 Big Ten) - Beat Toledo 77-21

This is Ohio State’s Big Ten Conference to lose. Wisconsin is coming to Columbus this week to start off the conference season. Could possibly be a low key boring preview of the conference championship game. Until something bad happens to them, they will stay here.

2. Michigan (3-0 & 0-0 Big Ten) - Beat UCONN 59-0

Poor UCONN...

3. Penn State (2-0 & 1-0 Big Ten ) Beat Auburn 41-12

Auburn is a weird and bat shit crazy place. They got hammered by Penn State. This week the Nittany Lions have Central Michigan to play with. I don’t expect much of a fight.

4. Minnesota (3-0 & 0-0 Big Ten) Beat Colorado 49-7

Colorado would like to get rid of their coach. They can’t afford to. Minnesota beat the tar out of the Buffs. This week the Gophers head to East Lansing this week to take on a wounded Sparty team. This will be Minnesota’s first real test of the season. Also, has anyone checked in on PJ’s plastic surgery from the offseason? Is it settling in well?

5. Iowa (2-1 & 0-0 Big Ten) Beat Nevada 27-0

Hey, the Hawkeyes made the spread and the offense scored the most points in a game since Fast and Furious 4 came out. This game started at 6:40pm and did not end until 1:39 am on Sunday due to inclement weather. I can’t imagine sitting in Iowa City that long.

6. Wisconsin (2-1 & 0-0 Big Ten) Beat New Mexico 66-7

Wisconsin beat up on a Mountain West squad. Now head to OSU to take on the Big Ten’s #1 bully in Ohio State this week. Can the Badgers pull off the upset?

7. Michigan State (2-1 & 0-0 Big Ten) Lost to Washington 28-39

I had a great pic of a Sparty fan in an airport passed out but it was pulled from the internet. I get that, I get that Sparty. PAC-12 POWER!

8. Maryland (3-0 & 0-0 Big Ten) Beat SMU 34-27

Good job Terps. Still haven’t watched one of your games.

9. Rutgers (3-0 & 0-0 Big Ten) Beat Temple 16-14

I’m just going to clap for the Scarlet Knights right now. The one team that everyone in the Big Ten makes fun of for no real reason other than they are still surprised they are here. Guess what, Rutgers is also surprised they are here. So, go ahead and enjoy it. Not everyone in the conference can be a Purdue. Also, good job on being 3-0. Now, go take on an Iowa team that will not let you score. They won’t score either, but you see my point.

10. Indiana (3-0 & 1-0 Big Ten) Beat Western Kentucky 33-30

I really didn’t think Indiana was going to be undefeated at this point of the season. The Hoosiers now head to Cincinnati to take on a “suspect” Cincinnati team. If Tom Allen goes 4-0 I will...yeah, I’m not taking that bet.

11. Illinois (2-1 & 0-1 Big Ten) Bye

Illinois comes back from a week off to take on the Mocs of Chattanooga this Thursday for some fun weekday football.

12. Purdue (1-2 & 0-1 Big Ten) Lost to Syracuse 29-32

They could have won this game, but didn’t. So, you are now 1-2. Hopefully you have enough in you to beat a 2-2 FAU team that needs a Power Five win. I guess this is a game to see who is hungrier.

13. Northwestern (1-2 & 1-0 Big Ten) Lost to Southern Illinois 24-31

Yeah, the Widcats are worse than we thought. You lost to directional Illinois. Nebraska really did make them look good in Ireland.

14. Nebraska (1-3 & 0-1 Big Ten) Lost to #6 Oklahoma 14-49

Oh Mikey...Good thing the Huskers have a bye this week. It was a fun half of a quarter to start the game.

New Mexico State v Wisconsin Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images