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Oklahoma Scores a Whole Lot and Nebraska Doesn’t 49-14 Recap and Afternoon Thread

Hey, at least we didn’t have to suffer through another one score loss?

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

We heard rumblings all week that Teddy Prochazka was going to be shut down and that appears to be the case. Get well soon Mr. Prochazka.

Erin Sorensen with Hail Varsity reported that Teddy walked onto the field with his arm in a sling. Jessica Coody is reporting that Javin Wright is not on the field for warmups.

Mood check

Greg Sharpe mentioned in the pregame show that the Husker offense is gaining an average of 492 yards/game. The Husker defense is giving up an average of 492 yards/game. Ouch.

First Quarter

The defense played well (except for one big run by the Sooners), and notched a sack from Luke Reimer to get off the field quickly. The punt gave the Huskers the ball at their 22.

This Husker crowd is AMPED. Alante Brown and Trey Palmer moved the Huskers past midfield in short order. A false start slowed the momentum, but only temporarily.


Nebraska 7 Oklahoma 0

It looked like the Husker defense really wanted their Blackshirts back, but then Dillon Gabriel got free for OUs longest play of the season, 61 yards. Touchdown Sooners.

Nebraska 7 Oklahoma 7

Anthony Grant showed a few nifty moves, but then got buried behind the line. The third down play was incomplete. Punt. Sooner ball at the 12.

The defense picked up their offense by forcing a three and out. Huskers get decent field position at the 34.

Ajay Allen enters the game and busts off a 10 yard run. He had to work a little harder to get the next five yards (and overcome the false start by Bando) but he did.

Vokolek sighting! The big tight end caught a pass for a short gain. Casey Thompson is sacked, bringing up a third and 12. The Sooners sack him again. Punt.

A nice return by Okie set them up in decent field position (35ish). The Sooners started carving up the Blackshirts to get across midfield. The converted another third and long and moved quickly from there. Touchdown Okie.

Oklahoma 14 Nebraska 7

Let’s not talk about that offensive possession. Punt.

We also don’t want to talk about the punt return, which set up the Sooners near the red zone.

Second Quarter

First and goal for the Sooners. What was first ruled a touchdown was reversed after replay.

Second and goal. Big hole up the middle. Touchdown OK.

Oklahoma 21 Nebraska 7

The Nebraska offense set up at the 25 yard line and promptly found themselves in a third and 16. Punt.

Call me crazy, but that one-score thing the Huskers have had going on doesn’t look like it is happening today.

The Sooners are near midfield. A pass interference on Quinton Newsome moves them past the midline. More big plays. Touchdown Sooners.

Oklahoma 28 Nebraska 7

On a third down play, the Sooners got flagged for pass interference and give the Husker offense a bit of life. They fought hard to move into the red zone and faced a fourth and two. Anthony Grant was short. First down Sooners at the 18.

I think we’re all annoyed by the Boomer Sooner song right now.

The Sooners are in full YOLO mode as they just chuck long bombs that mercifully fall incomplete. Okie attempts the 39 yard field goal. No good.

Oklahoma 28 Nebraska 7

The Sooners hit Thompson late (with targeting).

It didn’t matter as the Huskers had to punt.

Moar big plays by Okie. Another touchdown.

Oklahoma 35 Nebraska 7


Third Quarter

I propose we send Erik Chinander to Iowa as OC and take Brian Ferentz as DC. #MidseasonTrade #OnlySortaKidding #WhatSayYouIowaFans

Husker fumble.

Plays ensue. Touchdown Sooners.

Oklahoma 42 Nebraska 7


Third and goal for Oklahoma. Touchdown Sooners.

Oklahoma 49 Nebraska 7

Logan Smothers has entered the chat, errr game.

IGC fumbles, Huskers recover. Fourth and one. Punt.

The announcers (and Urban Meyer) are making jokes about Urban Meyer not being allowed to leave the state.

Oklahoma starts emptying the bench. They go for it on fourth and four on the Husker 30 and convert. Seriously, make it stop.

Garret Nelson recovers a fumble. Chubba Purdy enters the chat. So does Gabe Ervin.

Things happened.

Fourth Quarter

More things happened.

Jaq Yant enters the chat.

OK intercepts Purdy in the end zone.

Let’s just go enjoy the chaos elsewhere in college football and the Big Ten in particular. /Looking at you Northwestern, and Purdue, and Indiana, and UCLA...

I wasn’t paying attention, but the game mercifully ended. Side note: Chubba Purdy is a gamer. He is working his tail off. As are Gabe Ervin and Jaq Yant.

Purdy scrambles for a TD.

Oklahoma 49 Nebraska 14

Husker football is dead.

Long live Husker football.

Final. Oklahoma 49 Nebraska 14

We’ll see you again next week. And the week after that.

Husker football fans love their team and want the best, regardless of the futility.

Do you want to help me cheer for the SDSU Jackrabbits at 6 pm tonight?