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Week 3 Predictions: Huskers vs. Sooners

NCAA FOOTBALL: DEC 04 Big 12 Championship - Oklahoma v Nebraska Photo by Ray Carlin/Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images

Mike: If it’s a fired Nebraska coach, it must be after Thanksgiving. How’s the Christmas shopping going, everyone? Wait, it’s Oklahoma/Nebraska week. Thanksgiving must be coming up next weekend. I’m so confused.

Patrick: Hello

Nate M: Hello Patrick.

Kevin: Hello Seattle, I am a mountaineer, In the hills and highlands.


Purdue (+1) at Syracuse

Patrick: Syracuse University 27 Purdue University 23

Nate M: Purdue wins by 17. I’m a Purduebeliever.

Mike: I’m also a Syracuse denier. Wrong team is favored here... Boilers 38, Orange 27

Kevin: Carrier Dome is where they’re playing at whether the name changed or not. It even has A/C now! Oh, yeah, score... Purdue 31 Syracuse 28

Andy: Normally, the names Purdue and Syracuse excite me about as much as hearing Betty White is headlining Illicit Passions 3 on Cinemax. OK, that would actually be pretty good as long as she doesn-

But I digress. Syracuse is out to a 2-0 start behind 5 TD’s and ridiculous accuracy from Garrett Shrader and a couple 100-yard rushing games from Sean Tucker. Purdue is 1-1 with a tight loss to Penn State and might still be the B1G West frontrunner behind Aidan O’Connell’s arm. Most conference foes can take a step into a 6-foot hole as far as I’m concerned, I am NOT one of Big 10 cheerleading twits, but I’m taking Purdue here. Beer & a Shot 38 Red/Yellowmen 33

Michigan State (+3.5) at Washington

Patrick: Michigan State University 24 University of Washington 12

Nate M: Michigan State wins a low scoring game by 55 points. Or 7.

Mike: Vegas is sure doing a “Sparty NOOOOO” on this one. Spartans 27, UDub 21

Kevin: As I pointed out this summer in my rankings, Michigan State is 4-14 in regular season road games played in the Mountain Time Zone or further west since 1950. Only one of those games since the 50s (1986 season opener at Colorado) was one of the four wins. Vegas gives UW the narrow edge, but everyone seems to be picking MSU. Nobody cares about all of this, so to hell with it. I hope I flew all the way out here for a win. MSU 35 UW 28

Andy: As I’ve pointed out whenever it comes up, the Mel Tucker contract (lifetime head coaching record at the time of its signing - 18-14) is possibly the most monumentally stupid deal in the history of bad head coach deals. Other than Mel and every sports agent with a D1 coach with a winning record for a client, it was met with a universal “WTSF?”

On top of that, one could see statistically the Spartans were a butt-ass lucky team waiting to get exposed last season which Ohio State finally did. I think Washington fires the 1st wake-up call this season - Huskies 38 Spartans 20

SMU (+2.5) at Maryland

Patrick: University of Maryland 28 Southern Methodist University 27

Nate M: SMU gets the upset. Is it an upset?

Mike: Vegas seems to think so. Turtles 31, CJK5H 28

Kevin: Crab cakes and football. That’s not what Texas does. I actually finally saw a Terrapin this summer while doing a tour for work. They’re cute little reptiles. SMU 45 UMD 55

Andy: Yikes, wtf? I’d rather watch Gretna play Millard South. Maryland’s been tops in the country the last 5 years in record after 4 games (while playing around .186 or so ball for the last 8), so Turtles 47 Pony Excess 45 - 4 OTS

Penn State (-3) at Auburn

Patrick: University of Pennsylvania 23 Auburn University 21

Nate M: The Big 10 takes down the SEC by 10.

Mike: The premiere of the B1G on CBS! Nitts 27, War Eagle 20

Kevin: Cool that the Big Ten actually played a true home-and-home with a SEC team. PSU 28 Auburn 25

Andy: Did the statue worshippers find a place to land yet? Ah, who cares, they’ll get there. Auburn’s Bryan Harsin is the very definition of Dead Man Walkin’, but I still can never pick Pennsylvania’s creepy, perverted institution and their soulless weirdo fans and alumni to win anything ever. Auburn 26 Pederast Valley 23

Oklahoma (-11) at Nebraska

Patrick: University of Oklahoma 38 University of Nebraska 31

Nate M: Until I see otherwise I don’t think Nebraska’s defense is going to stop anybody. Nebraska loses by 21.

Mike: The close losses stop here. Boomer 48, Huskers 28

Kevin: Oklahoma University 58 Nebraska University 31

Andy: I could’ve possibly talked myself into another close finish if Chins had followed Frost through the exit door. But since he inexplicably stays employed with his 2-4-5 defensive set? I get it - it’s a 4-3 but if the DE’s EDGE guys used to be your OLB’s? Welp, throw in the permanent Jojo Nickel and I call that a 2-4-5.

And personally, if he stays around after OU rolls for around 675 yards (unless you really think there’s a turnaround after GA Southern ripped them for almost that much), that’ll put the hard damper on any Mickey turnaround. I hope like hell I’m wrong and this is the turnaround game of the decade, but I can’t see it here. We get some points and Anthony Grant proves he can run with the big boys but let’s say Sooners 48 Huskers 31.