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Thursday Flakes: Myers-Briggs Personality Test, Traveling by Train and Purchasing a Seat Next to You

How often do you travel by train?

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Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Greetings from Bogota. I spent the last two weeks or so traveling around to a few small towns that I didn’t get to visit on my last trip to Colombia: the beautiful colonial towns of Villa de Leyva and Barichara as well as the mountain town of El Cocuy to do some hiking in the national park nearby. I definitely recommend going to all of these places in Colombia. Now I’m settling in Bogota for the rest of the month while I have a few friends from different places all visiting Bogota at the same time. My AirBnb is also close to a lot of really great restaurants so I’m looking forward to eating my way through Bogota.

On that note, let’s dive into some fun questions. How do you feel about the Oklahoma game on Saturday? Have you ever ridden Amtrak? Would you considering purchasing an empty seat next to you? What is your Myers-Briggs personality type?

Anyways...onto Flakes.


Should Trev Alberts Have Waited to Fire Scott Frost and Save $7.5 Million? | Football | Corn Nation

Was that the wrong decision? No, no. And here’s why very specifically, you have over 100 young men on the football team. And I think it was clear that they were in a position where everything was going to hell, and they spend so much time doing this stuff.

Burroughs Gets His Shot at GOAT Status at World Championships | Wrestling | Corn Nation

In what will be his 11th World/Olympic team, Burroughs currently sits in a tie with American great John Smith with six World/Olympic gold medals. With one more title, Burroughs will find himself at the top of the American heap and will only strengthen his argument that he is the best American wrestler of all time.

Nebraska Recruiting: Proven Recruiter Mickey Joseph Helms The Interim | Football | Hail Varsity

“At the end of the day they don’t sign with a coach they sign with a university,” Joseph said. “You have to make that clear to them. All of the committed kids were in good shape. You got to understand these kids are 20 and 21 now. They bounce back. They are going to be OK.”

Joseph: Players Handling Tough Transition ‘Like Champs’ | Football | Hail Varsity

“The guy that recruited them that sat in their living room is no longer there. I’m sure we’ve all been in that situation. So understand how you would feel. But they understand they play for the University of Nebraska and it’s time to move on. And it’s time to get ready for OU on Saturday. They understand that.”

Padding the Stats: Recruiting, Retention and Development | Football | Hail Varsity

Why did Scott Frost fail at Nebraska? That’s a question that probably doesn’t have a simple answer — a 16-31 record doesn’t come down to any one thing. However, if I had to identify the struggle that is most directly responsible for the current state of the program, I’d go with the recruitment, development and retention of talent.

Huskers Open Big Ten Play with Minnesota | Soccer |

The Nebraska soccer team (2-3-3) begins conference play this week as it hosts Minnesota at Hibner Stadium on Friday at 7:05 p.m. (CT). The match will be streamed on B1G+.

Huskers Continue Competition at Lawrence Invite | Tennis |

Wednesday marked the last day of round robin draws for the tournament. Junior Isabel Adrover Gallego played Washburn University’s Sofia Smagina. Smagina defeated Adrover Gallego 7-6 (7), 6-2. Sophomore Lucy Loy played senior Samantha Alicea. Alicea won the match 6-1, 6-3. Sophomore Anfisa Danilchenko faced Isabella Dunlap, defeating Dunlap 7-5, 6-2. Junior Vivien Sandberg finished play on Wednesday, competing against KU’s Jocelyn Massey. Sandberg won the match, 6-1, 6-1.


Amtrak Cancels All Long-Distance Trains Ahead of Potential Railway Strike | Travel | Axios

“While we are hopeful that parties will reach a resolution, Amtrak has now begun phased adjustments to our service in preparation for a possible freight rail service interruption later this week,” Amtrak said in a statement Wednesday.

New Zealand Lifts Most Remaining COVID Restrictions | Travel | Travel Pulse

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that people will no longer be required to wear masks in supermarkets, stores, busses or planes, and tourists will no longer need to be vaccinated to visit the country.

Japan to Reportedly Waive Tourist Visa Requirements for International Travelers | Travel | Travel Pulse

In addition, the island nation may eliminate a daily cap on arrivals by October, which currently limits inbound travelers to 50,000 per day. Last week, Japan scrapped pre-departure COVID-19 testing requirements for tourists and returning residents.

Google to Disable Booking Feature for Flights | Travel | Travel + Leisure

Google will stop offering the option to book a flight directly through the site after Sept. 30 for most of the world. The search engine will then similarly end the option in the United States after March 31, 2023, the company confirmed to Travel + Leisure.

Qantas Will Allow Passengers to Purchase Seat Next to Them | Travel | Travel + Leisure

The “Neighbour Free Seating option,” which is being offered on certain domestic flights as a pilot program, offers passengers in economy the chance to buy the next seat for between $30 AUD and $65 AUD ($20.28 and $33.80), the carrier confirmed to Travel + Leisure. The trial is being run across six domestic routes over six weeks.

10 Most Naturally Beautiful US States | Travel | Travel + Leisure

From the icy glaciers of Alaska to the white-sand beaches of Florida, our country is home to stunning natural landscapes and diverse wildlife. Each state is beautiful on its own, but some are home to a plethora of awe-inspiring natural wonders, dramatic landscapes, and state and national parks, making them heaven for nature lovers.

8 Airports Where You Can Reserve a Fast Lane Through the TSA Checkpoint—for Free | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

Reservations can be made up to 72 hours before departure or even as you arrive at the airport. But because appointments are based on availability, it’s best to book early. Reservation times will also vary depending on the passenger’s flight, but time slots are always at least 60 minutes before a domestic flight’s departure time and at least 75 minutes before an international flight.

These 5 Airlines Are Using the Latest Technology to Make Their Planes Greener | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

For now, commercial electric-plane development is limited by the size and weight of current battery technologies, limiting it to smaller planes flying shorter distances. But these aircraft can also open new flight paths for travelers, making it easier and faster to reach places they would otherwise access by car or train. Such short-haul routes may also connect places for the first time, opening up new destinations entirely.

Meet the American Tourists Who Only Travel By Train | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

We spoke to four people who plan their vacations around the rail system. They opened up about their love for the rails, what ignited it and what keeps them coming back for more. Here’s what they said.

In Iceland, Slowing Down to Appreciate Folklore and Nature’s Silence | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

Understanding how these places came to be, whether it’s truth or lore, always makes me feel like a character in their stories—even if only a bystander. My favorite place to find these tales: the Icelandic Sagas, a set of narratives following the families who lived in the country between the years 930 and 1030.

An Adventure in the Faroe Islands by Land, Sea and Story | Travel | Lonely Planet

In a sailing and hiking expedition in the remote Faroe Islands, Sebastian Modak finds a place where the lines between myth and history – and beauty and brutality – are undefined.

Canada on a Budget: 12 Ways to Stay, Eat and Play for Less | Travel | Lonely Planet

Upscale urban offerings lure city lovers to the metropolitan hubs of Canada for the country’s best shopping, sites, and culinary delights. And the majestic mountains, far-reaching forests, and trio of ocean frontiers offer an outdoor playground for nature lovers who are looking to explore the country’s unique landscapes.

10 Days in Greece | Travel | Lonely Planet

You can see a lot of Greece in under two weeks and get a real feel for its history, ruins, beaches, food, late-night revelry and a few of its many iconic islands. Ferries link many of the best places to visit, and lazing away the hours on deck gazing at the passing turquoise water is an irresistible interlude to more storied sights.

The American Island That Nearly Ignited a War | Travel | BBC

On Washington’s San Juan Island, a national historical park harks back to a notorious 1859 border dispute when the British and Americans almost went to war over a pig.

Georgia’s Daring, Death-Defying Pilgrimage | Travel | BBC

In Georgia’s remote Imereti region, monks scale the 40m-high Katskhi Pillar in a daring, nerve-jangling ascent. The reason: to get closer to God.

The ‘Walking Statues’ of Easter Island | Travel | BBC

Living on a remote, barren isle bestowed with few resources, the Rapanui needed to combine ingenious design with flawless sculpting to move the massive moai without any machinery.

The Rest

She Posted An Ad On a Dating Site. An Alleged Serial Killer Answered. | Crime | Washington Post

Anthony Robinson, 36, who police have dubbed the “Shopping Cart Killer,” allegedly met women on dating sites and lured them to hotels, before killing them and loading their bodies into shopping carts to dump in vacant lots. He has been charged in two killings and been linked publicly by police to three others.

The Curious Afterlife of a Fascist Utopia | History | Atlas Obscura

In the 1930S, the Italian village of Tresigallo was the site of an extraordinary experiment. Wide avenues, tall buildings, grand squares, stadiums, hotels, restaurants, sanatoriums, gyms, and factories were constructed, transforming this impoverished village of 500 inhabitants into a “utopian city” which could be replicated across Fascist Italy.

Inside the Controversial Plan to Reintroduce Cheetahs to India | Animals | National Geographic

Imported African cheetahs will be the first to roam India in decades, but critics of the project say the big cats have little chance of survival without ongoing human intervention.

Why Companies Are So Interested in Your Myers-Briggs Type | Education | JSTOR

If you’ve looked for a job recently, you’ve probably encountered the personality test. You may also have wondered if it was backed by scientific research.

11 of the Most Beautiful Libraries in the World | Architecture | Fodors

Throughout modern history, libraries have been community centers, meeting places, and culture keepers. Because of how revered they were (and still are), little-to-no expense is spared when constructing these epicenters of society. Look closely and you’ll find intricate architectural details that pay homage to the past or subtle nods to the future.