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Should Trev Alberts Have Waited To Fire Scott Frost And Save $7.5M?

Ohio State v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Here’s what I think about Trev Alberts’ decision to fire Scott Frost when he did.

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I’ve seen a lot of comments about how Trev Alberts was wrong to fire Scott Frost this early before the buyout dropped. And that it was a poor financial decision. And I’d like to address that soul topic in this video.

Trev Alberts could have waited till October 1 and Scott frost buyout would have dropped by $7.5M. He would have saved that money. Instead, they paid Scott frost something like 15 $16 million to go away.

Was that the wrong decision? No, no. And here’s why very specifically, you have over 100 young men on the football team. And I think it was clear that they were in a position where everything was going to hell, and they spend so much time doing this stuff. And that is their lives, that you’re going to sit there and make them spend another three weeks after it was clear that frost needed to be fired, just because you wanted to save $7.5M dollars, I realized that’s a lot of money to a lot of us. But you’re looking at you’re not just talking about 100 young men, you’re talking about staffers, you’re talking about nutritionists, you’re talking about the entire athletic department, and you’re talking about all the other athletes.

I’d like to think that the University of Nebraska athletic department is charged with taking care of those athletes and their people that work for them. That means their physical health and their mental health because there’s that phrase, mental health is health, I think it is.

Listen, from guy that’s been dead once and had recovered from that and has a brain injury and has to live with that, I tell you the whole mental health thing. Yeah, kind of matters, kind of matters a lot. So if you wanted to tell those, I don’t want to call them kids, I almost call them kids. If you want to tell those young people that they didn’t matter, that they were nothing more than toasters easily replaced, because hey, there was millions of dollars to worry about, that’s the best message to send them is, yeah, we know this guy’s a piece of crap, but we’re going to keep him around because we can save some money.

That is a wrong message to send to everybody. I guess it’s the right message if you want to tell everybody, all you care about is that they’re a toaster.

And by toasters, what do I mean? Well, I’ve worked in IT consulting most of my career, and I’ve worked with a lot of companies where they were run, like people were toasters, and what do you do with a toaster? You don’t fix it, when it’s broken are doesn’t work, right? You just throw it away. And people treat other people like toasters.

That’s not good, and it’s not healthy. Okay. That’s probably the number one reason why is to give these people a chance to have a good work environment and not a toxic work environment.

The other thing about that is, is firing him now, is it gives this coaching chance staff a chance to save this season. I really believe that I, you know, a lot of people will talk about athletes and speed and athleticism, and are they good enough players, but really, you know, if you don’t, if you’re not motivated to do your job, you’re not going to do your job, no matter how intelligent you are, how good you are at your job, how competent you are either, just if you don’t have the mental aspect of the job, right? It’s all over at the start.

So hopefully they get that part right, by removing the cancer from this team that was Scott Frost. And we can go on and have perhaps a bowl bowl making season, we’ll have to wait and see.

Other reasons are, if you don’t want your athletes to leave after you fire their coach, then maybe you should treat them well. Maybe you should tell all the other athletes that are like recruits or people considering going to the University of Nebraska, that yeah, we’re going to treat you better than a lot of other schools maybe or a letter or other organizations because we care about you more than money.

You can’t buy that. That is a reputation you earn.

Like I said that it’s the most important thing is taking care of your people if you expect them to perform well and want to be around it really seven and a half million dollars in the big long scheme of things. If a booster has that money and they throw it at Scott frost and make him go away. I’m not against that.

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I think that’s it for this morning. Now I have to have some coffee, Y’all take care. Go Big Red