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Jon & Todd’s Monday Night Therapy: Is Trev Alberts A Traitor?

Georgia Southern v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Todd and I do our Monday night show live as always on Monday night’s at 7:30 pm central.

I start by asking Todd a mystery question (one he did not know was coming before the show), which was “Is Trev Alberts A Traitor?”

The reason for the question... well, you can watch the beginning of the show and find out.

We discuss:

  • The Georgia Southern game
  • Trev Alberts’ press conference
  • Scott Frost’s firing
  • Our List of Possible Next Coaches For Nebraska
  • The Oklahoma Game
  • Volleyball - vs Stanford Tomorrow Night

And Todd waxes on about how good looking Trev Alberts is.

As always, we take comments from the listeners/watchers.

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