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Potential Nebraska Coaching Candidates

Five coaches that would be Home Run Hires

Georgia Southern v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

The fact that Scott Frost is no longer the head coach isn’t a surprise to many, it was the fact that it happened after the third game of the season. Now that Frost is gone our focus turns to who Trev Alberts will hire to be Nebraska’s next coach.

Husker message boards and Facebook groups are littered with names like Lane Kiffin, David Shaw, Kyle Whittingham, Bob Stoops and Urban Meyer. And while I’d love every single one of those coaches, they’re not coming here for a variety of reasons.

So when I look at what coaches are realistic candidates and would be home run hires, I can think of five guys. One thing every one of these coaches have in common is they don’t have Nebraska ties. While that has been important in the past, at this point it shouldn’t matter. Just go out and get the best available coach. That’s what this program needs the most.

Listed below is a video I made after the announcement of Frost’s firing. The five coaches I think would be home runs includes two Power 5 head coaches, one Group of 5 coach, a current NFL head coach and an offensive coordinator at an SEC school. Let me know what you think.