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Frostless Flakes: A[nother] New Era In Husker Football Is About To Start

Husker football is dead. Long live Husker football.

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Mickey Joseph
Mickey Joseph runs the ball for Nebraska

This wasn’t how any of us wanted the 2022 football season to go. But here we are, cheering for a team that is [again] trying to remake itself into a winning image.

Back in 2018, I was very optimistic. It was hard not to be. There was really only one obvious phone call for Bill Moos to make after he dismissed Mike Riley. Scott Frost’s coaching trajectory was a steep angle upward to that point. He clearly cared about returning home and building a winner.

Sometimes, caring isn’t enough.

Sometimes, caring is too much.

I’m not sure which of the above statements fits the situation, but I will say this about Frost. He may have been a boastful, brash jerk at times (~”I hope the Big Ten adjusts to us”) and he made some boneheaded decisions as head coach (onside kick only being the latest). But, I will never question how much he wanted Husker football to be good great again. Some internet warriors accuse him of tanking to get a bigger buyout. Other internet psychologists say he wanted to pay fans back for booing him way back when he was “struggling” at quarterback in 1997.

Don’t you wish we could have “struggles” like that now?

Scott Frost cared, and probably still cares, more about Husker football than most of us combined. If a team takes on the personality of a head coach, take note of how hard our current Huskers play despite the losses and the negativity. They care. They play hard. They make mistakes and end up out-of-position, but you don’t see Huskers giving up.

So, thank you coach for leading Nebraska to a natty in 97. Thank you for answering the call when your alma matter asked you to come home and the stars all seemed aligned for a straight shot back to greatness.

This relationship looked like a match made in heaven, but it went to hell in a handbasket pretty fast. Trev Alberts’ decision is absolutely the right one. It was time, beyond time, to move on for this program. I don’t know what the future holds for Husker football, but now we find ourselves awaiting to see what our next leader will bring.

Husker football is dead.

Long live Husker football.

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