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In Season of Offensive Changes — It’s the Defense Which Might Spell the End for Scott Frost

Georgia Southern v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

In a year when Scott Frost made changes all along the offensive side of the ball it appears that the defensive side of the ball is going to get him fired.

Going into the season, if you told me that Nebraska was going to put up 42 points and 575 yards of total offense against Georgia Southern then I would have expected a 30 point win.

This was because I expected a level of competency on the defensive side of the ball This, I hope, would have been justified since there is a level of consistency going into year five of an Erik Chinander coached defense.

Unfortunately, Chinander’s defense gave up 45 points and a total of 642 yards to Georgia Southern.

Now after losing to a Georgia Southern it is the old-time rival Oklahoma who is coming to town.

Is Scott Frost going to be the head coach for that game? I sure hope so. Do I think he’s going to be the head coach against Oklahoma? I have no idea. Part of me wonders.

I’ve probably heard every argument of why you fire a coach this early in the season. I find almost none of them persuasive. The most persuasive argument is how much money you might lose per home game. I am not sure that applies to Nebraska as fans will show up. There may be open seats but it will likely be full.

We love torture.

The other argument is that it shuts down the drama. Players know the head coach is gone and maybe they can play free or with a little bit less pressure.

That’s it for me. The argument that you need to fire the coach three games into the season in order to do a coaching search is the weakest of the bunch.

You can do your next coaching search through various channels. Alberts probably did a little bit of that last season.

So we will have another week of this nonsense. To be honest, I hope that something clicks with the defense. Is the communication so bad with Nick Henrich out? Why are we at the point in year five where we have to rely on a true freshman to start on linebacker?

The offense is good enough. The defense is not.

Those two facts are sadly ironic at this point for Scott Frost.

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