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Nebraska Tied With Georgia Southern 28-28 At Half


NCAA Football: Georgia Southern at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

To put this day in context:

  • Appalachian State beat #6 Texas A&M 17-14
  • Marshall beat #8 Notre Dame 26-21
  • Alabama outlasted Texas 20-19
  • Iowa State beat Iowa 10-7 in an incredible terrible game in which Iowa had 150 total yards of offense.
  • 17-point underdog Washington State beat Wisconsin 17-14
  • Duke beat Northwestern 31-23

Nebraska starts with the ball, then commits two penalties on the kick return to start at the 10-yard line. Our beloved Huskers give up a sack, then go three and out on the first offensive drive of the game.

Brian Buschini booms a 65-yard punt. Georgia Southern starts on their 26-yard line.

Georgia Southern 7-0

Georgia Southern marches down the field, aided by a 15-yard defensive pass interface penalty on Tommi Hill. Running back Jalen White scored on 3rd-and-2, running up the middle. Quarterback Kyle Vantrease went 6-for-7 for 43 yards.

The drive was 13 plays, 74 yards, and lasted 4:59.

Nebraska 7 - 7

Nebraska went on a scoring drive of their own, featuring running back Anthony Grant. Casey Thompson scored, scrambling from 8 yards out. Timmy Bleekrode hit the PAT.

The drive was 9 plays, 75 yards, and lasted 3:45.

Georgia Southern 14-7

8 plays, Georgia Southern scoring on a 26-yard rush by Jalen White. There are enormous holes all over Nebraska’s defense, reminiscent of the 2007 USC game.

Nebraska 14-14

Our beloved Huskers march down the field, looking good in the process. Ajay Allen carried the ball well, and picked up a third down on a checkdown reception from Thompson.

Thompson found Brody Belt over the middle for the 21-yard touchdown pass. It was the first TD reception of Belt’s career.

The drive was 10 plays, 75 yards, and lasted 3:41.

Nebraska 21-14

Marques Buford picks off Vantrease for their first interception of the season. Nebraska’s offense rolls, mixing a healthy dose of Anthony Grant with Thompson’s passing. Oliver Martin had a 26-yard reception, and a 10-yard reception. Grant scored from 4 yards out, untouched.

At this point, Grant had 67 yards. Thompson was 10-for-11 for 139 yards, with one touchdown.

The play was 10 plays, went for 76 yards, and lasted 4:33.

Georgia Southern 21-21

The Eagles score quickly, in three plays, going 75 yards. Gerald Green ran for 67-yards on a counter play, untouched by the Nebraska defense.

The drive lasted :58.

Georgia Southern 28-21

The Eagles score in short fashion, going 80 yards in five plays, taking 1:54.

Gerald Green scored on a 47-yard touchdown run in which Nebraska missed a tackle, but only one tackle because no one else was near the ball carrier.

Nebraska 28-28

The Husker offense clicks. Thompson scores on a 2-yard keeper. Thompson hit Trey Palmer and Marcus Washington for 24 and 29 yards, respectively.

The drive went 75 yards in six plays, lasting 2:10.

Georgia Southern 28-28

Nebraska’s defense continued to be... a disaster. The Eagles moved down the field with ease, including a 31-yard reception to Sam Kenerson to the Nebraska 7-yard line. Kenerson was injured on the play and was carted off the field.

Georgia Southern drove the ball to the two-yard line, but committed two consecutive snap penalties, the last one costing them the chance to score before half.