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Nebraska Loses Shootout to Georgia Southern 45-42

In a wild, wild shootout, the Huskers showed they are not ready for prime time.

Georgia Southern v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Georgia Southern won the toss and deferred.

After all the chaos and mayhem earlier today, will the Huskers also fall victime? Mood check

First Quarter

Zach Weinmaster brought the kickoff out to the 30, but an illegal block in the back moved them back to the 10 yard line. #SpecialTeams

The Husker offense dialed up a three and out. Then Buschini nailed a 65 yard punt that rolled to the Eagle 25 yard line. #WeAreIowa

The Eagles made it to midfield quickly and then a pass interference call on Tommi Hill moved them to the 33.

Red zone.

First and goal. Short.

Second and goal. Incomplete.

Third and goal. Untouched runner up the middle. Touchdown Eagles.

Georgia Southern 7 Nebraska 0

Okay, maybe we aren’t Iowa. They have a defense.

A bomb to Marcus Washington moved the Scoring Explosion alternate uniforms across midfield. Mark Whipple rode Anthony Grant into the red zone. After that, it took some Casey Thompson magic, but the Huskers found pay dirt. TOUCHDOWN!!

Nebraska 7 Georgia Southern 7

Georgia Southern again marched through the Blackshirts like Sherman to Atlanta, capped by a 26 yard touchdown run on third and 10.

Georgia Southern 14 Nebraska 7

Nebraska went full air raid and sailed past midfield.

Second Quarter

We got us a shootout!! Touchdown Thompson to Brody Belt!

Nebraska 14 Georgia Southern 14


Palmer and Grant powered Nebraska into Eagle territory and then Oliver Martin caught one in the red zone. A sack and false start moved the Huskers back 10. The offense got all that back again and Anthony Grant scampered into the end zone to take the first Husker lead.

Nebraska 21 Georgia Southern 14

The Blackshirts committed an offsides penalty and things got worse from there as the Eagles ripped off a 67 yard run to set up first and goal. Touchdown.

Nebraska 21 Georgia Southern 21

The offensive fireworks continue as Ajay Allen busts off a big run near midfield. The fireworks fizzled there as Frost faced fourth and eight after Thompson overthrew Palmer. Buschini’s punt went into the end zone.

Georgia Southern capitalized with another big run. This one reached the end zone.

Georgia Southern 28 Nebraska 21

The trend of #NoDefense continues as Brown and Palmer caught big passes to get Nebraska into Eagle territory. Marcus Washington got in on the catch party. First and goal. A shoestring tackle kept Grant from getting into the end zone.

Second and goal. Thompson keeper. Touchdown.

Nebraska 28 GSU 28

Nebraska’s fast score has given Georgia Southern nearly two minutes to test the “Blackshirts” again.

Chunk plays moved the Eagles, until Luke Reimer pushed them back with a TFL near midfield. GSU adapted and overcame and continued to move the ball. Garret Nelson nearly intercepted a pass (and probably should have). The Eagles lost a wideout to a bad knee injury.

First and goal. Short.

Second and goal. 18 seconds. Short.

Third and goal. Short. False start. 10 second runoff. Half is over. Nebraska got lucky there.

Marshall beat #8 Notre Dame. Appalachian State beat #6 Texas A&M.


Hey guess what?? The Jackrabbits are playing now too. They lead UC Davis 24-10 with nine minutes left in the game. I guess that means UC Davis would beat Iowa by three??? Look at this SDSU touchdown.

Third Quarter

The Eagles continued to gain big chunks of yardage with wide open receivers and wide open running lanes. Did Coach Chinander prep for Oklahoma this week and forget about GSU?

Oh good grief. A perfectly thrown ball puts the Eagles at the Husker 11.

Chinander is being forced to send five to pressure the QB, which leaves one on one coverage with a suspect group of DBs. The run defense has been worse FWIW.

Touchdown Eagles.

GSU 35 Nebraska 28

To cover the spread, Nebraska would need to get to 79 points and keep the Eagles bottled up for the rest of the game.

Thompson is overthrowing guys. Their QB is not. #Analysis

Three and out.

I am not booing. Only bad things could have happened if Frost tried to go for it.

At least the views outside the stadium are nice.

Nebraska is loading the box, but Vantrease answers the challenge by not missing. At. All.

The comedy continues as a stupid offsides penalty on third and five gives GSU a free first down. The DB (Brandon Moore) reached out and slugged the wideout before the snap. #REALLY


OMG! OMG! OMG! The Eagles failed to convert a first down??? The third and fifteen pass falls incomplete. We shall see the GSU punter for the first time.

ALERT! UC Davis just recovered an onside kick against the Jackrabbits. Apparently some teams practice these things.

Anthony Grant does AG things.

The drive looked like it would stall at third and nine, until Thompson found Washington.

Holding. Sigh.

MOAR Grant!

Delay of game. Sigh.

AJAY ALLEN!!! Touchdown!!

Nebraska 35 GSU 35

Now we turn our attention back to the Blackshirts defense.

First and goal. Short

Second and goal. Short.

Fourth Quarter


Nebraska burned a timeout to start the quarter. #NotIdeal

Third and goal. Short!

Fourth and goal. The 19 yard field goal is good.

GSU 38 Nebraska 35

First down. Screen pass with accompanying loss of yardage.

Second down. Incomplete.

Third down. Scramble that is short. Three and out.

The running game was working pretty well and the defense finally got something resembling a stop. So....let’s dial up a baffling set of pass play calls.

GSU continues to call the right plays and execute them well. They are using tempo and finding the massive and plentiful holes in the defense.

But wait...the Eagles were held and faced a fourth and inches at the Husker 32. Of course they made it.

But wait...INTERCEPTION BUFORD!! Garrett Nelson brought the pressure to cause the underthrown ball.

The Huskers set up shop on their own three yard line with nine minutes left.

Who thinks this is going to end well?

Anthony Grant found very little room to work with, but he worked his magic to get a first down.

It was Washington’s turn to gain a first down. Then Casey Thompson made something out of an ill-advised draw play.

Logan Smothers came in for a run play and promptly fumbled the ball. Replay showed that his knee was down before the ball was punched out. Overturned. First down.

Casey Thompson is back in. His draw play moved Nebraska past midfield. Thompson is running out of gas. He looks tired and sore.

Now Teddy Prochazka is down with an apparent knee injury. He walks off the field on his own.

Whipple remembered he had an Anthony Grant. Grant is a treat to watch; his vision is excellent and he is decisive.

Marcus Washington had a touchdown in his hands, but the ball came out late. After replay, it looked like he had a catch, but was down on the one.

The officials agree with me.

First and goal. Just short.

Second and goal. The clock ticks and tocks to three minutes. Thompson is in!

Nebraska 42 Georgia Southern 38

With three minutes left, there will be two more possessions apiece, right?

Who’s waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Me too.

Fourth down! Garrett Nelson!

Sigh. The Eagles convert and they march to midfield.

Tommi Hill had his hands on the ball, but couldn’t come down with the INT.

Tick Tock. 1:15 left.

Perfect long pass. AGAIN. The Eagles are in the red zone.

Pass interference in the end zone.

50 seconds.


44 seconds.

Vantrease draw right up the middle. Touchdown.

Georgia Southern 45 Nebraska 42

36 seconds. Two timeouts.

Trey Palmer fumbled the kickoff return, but he was ruled down by contact. Replay confirmed it.

Tick Tock.

25 seconds at the Eagle 35. Incomplete.

21 seconds. Liewer at midfield out of bounds.

15 seconds. Incomplete.

10 seconds. Trey Palmer got out of bounds at the 34.

ONE SECOND. Nebraska will attempt the 52 yard field goal with Brendan Frankie.

No good.

Final. Huskers lose and the Scott Frost era is probably over. Maybe not tonight. Maybe not tomorrow. But it is over nonetheless.