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Week 2 Predictions: Huskers vs. Georgia Southern

What’s your prediction for this week’s game?

NCAA Football: North Dakota at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Mike: Are we feeling better because of the second half last week, or worse because of the first half?

Nate M: Yes.

Patrick: Hi

Andy: Since I couldn’t feel much worse after Northwestern, I’ll say better. Yes, it was just North Dakota, but the O-line finally pushed someone around in the run game. Baby steps?

Jill: What was the question again?

Jon: God Save The Queen

Virginia (+5) at Illinois

Nate M: Illinois runs behind Chase Brown all the way to a 12 point victory.

Patrick: University of Illinois 23 University of Virginia 9

Mike: Bert fumbled away a game last week... can’t see that happening this week. Illini 27, Wahoos 18

Andy: I was all set to pronounce Virginia historically soft and ready to be pushed around, etc, but…Virginia kicked the shit out of Illinois last season and have many of the weapons back including Brennan Armstrong who torched the Illini for 405 yards through the air. Bert’s secondary didn’t look too tight last week. Virginia 37 Illini 30

Jill: I did watch Illinois last week. I didn’t watch Virginia. I’m too lazy to Google “stats” and “information” like Andy. When in doubt, go with the home team? Illinois 28 Virginia 21

Jon: I agree with Nate, Chase Brown is going to carry Illinois to some wins, and that’s the case today. Illinois 28 Virginia 21

Duke (+9.5) at Northwestern

Nate M: We are hoping that Northwestern takes them behind the library and smacks them. that should make the loss look better. I think the NW OL is better than we expected and they run it right at Duke.

Patrick: Northwestern University 12 Duke University 7

Mike: NorthWestern’s OL had four returning starters; probably the strongest part of their lineup. NW 27, Dookies 14

Andy: Many Husker fans will be checking this score as a Duke victory coupled with a close Husker win or loss will have more torches lit and the internet drums pounding. The Wildcats with a Dublin bye take care of bidness, however. Northwestern 30 Duke 17

Jill: The Wildcat o-line is no joke. I’m not sure Hilinski is as good a quarterback as he looked against Nebraska. Hey Duke - do NOT, under ANY circumstances, be tempted by an onside kick. Wildcats 31 Duke 21

Jon: This sounds like a game the nerds would lose because that’s what they do. Key is - does Duke self-destruct as much as Nebraska? No. Therefore, they win. Duke 21, Nerds 20

Washington State (+17) at Wisconsin

Nate M: Wisconsin by 28. Just good ole running it right at Washington State.

Patrick: University of Wisconsin 31 Washington State University 9

Mike: Wazzup Wazzu? Mailed it in last week against a school that dropped to 1-AA five years ago. Do that this week, and Bucky is going to turn you into cottage cheese. Badgers 45, Coooogs 16

Andy: The thought of Braelon Allen pounding it through Wazzu is a vision it’s tough to get away from but Week 1 struggles aside, this was a tough Cougar squad last season and Wisconsin lost some studs on defense. No upset pick but - Wiscy 36 Wazzu 30

Jill: Yikes. RUNTHEDAMNBALL guy records this one to watch over and over and over. Bucky 38 Wazzu 18

Jon: I’m gonna try to watch this just to see how Wisconsin’s offensive line performs. I don’t expect much of a game. Badgers 38, Wazzu 17

¡El Assico!

Iowa State (+3.5) at Iowa

Nate M: The better question is if Iowa will score any offensive touchdowns against Iowa State. That Iowa defense is legit and whoever their tackling coach is should walk over to Lincoln and teach a few lessons. Iowa wins by 7.

Patrick: Iowa State 13 Iowa 12 Bush Light 82kjlsai097439874538F904X#O7594874759384

Mike: What’s really the question is whether Iowa’s defense is going to outscore Iowa’s offense again this week. It almost has to happen, TBH. I can’t believe that Matt Campbell hasn’t won against Iowa yet. That changes this week: Iowa State 24, Iowa 11

Andy: Kirk Ferentz announced Spencer Petras would be Iowa’s starting ball dispenser quarterback and Iowa then failed to score a TD against a Dakota team. These two facts are not mutually exclusive. The NCAA’s lone HWCU is in trouble this week. Cyclones 20 Iowa 11 (3 FG’s and a safety on a bad ISU punt snap)

Jill: Dat Hawkeye defense looks ready to suck the souls out of any opponent on the schedule. Apparently they started with their own offense. Iowa’s punter is again their MVP but State manages to escape the clamps of the Hawkeye D at least once and scores defensive points when they pick off Petras. Cyclones 14 Hawkeyes 10

Jon: I am so looking forward to this game. You’d think Iowa State should win because of Iowa’s horrific offense, but Kirk is a master of terrible wins. Spencer Petras had a QB rating of 1.1 last week. That’s nearly impossible. Maybe Iowa held back their new offense so they can bring it out in a rivalry game. HAHAHHAHAHAh Iowa State 13 Iowa 9

Georgia Southern (+23) at Nebraska

Nate M: I would choose a upset if they were playing Georgia Northern instead of Georgia Southern. This game will come down to tackling for Nebraska. They are going to have to make plays in space and until I see it I don’t think we should expect it.

Still Nebraska is able to run the ball enough to win by 14.

Patrick: University of Nebraska 37 Georgia Southern 29

Mike: I hope we saw a bit of a realization of what this team is going to be in that second half. Establish Anthony Grant on the ground to free up the passing game as well as keep the defense off the field. Huskers 42, GaS 14

Andy: Georgia Southern, despite a 3-9 record in 2021 did leave some returning talent on the roster for Clay Helton who also made some nice grabs out of the transfer portal. Their weak link plays into Nebraska’s hands however as they did show some holes in run defense against hapless Morgan St.

The defense is still iffy and it’s probably time for Mathis and Wynn to stop taking the minority of the snaps (even though they did even out more in week 2) while grading out highest at their positions. The Huskers get their points again but they will also give some up. Huskers 42 Eagles 27

Jill: I have the recap outline written already, just need to fill in a few details. Like, how late in the game are these teams still tied? How large a lead did the Huskers squander in the second half to make their fans and Husker Twitter want to FIER EBERYBODY? What amazing ankle-breaking did Anthony Grant have to do to rescue us from the pit of despair? I am NOT taking the bait of a 23 point spread. No way. Nebraska pulls away late but no one walks away thinking they are ready for Oklahoma. Huskers 36 GSU 21

Jon: I wonder what new way we’ll try to give the game away this week? Maybe a return off a field goal or PAT block. Anthony Grant is key, I think we all know that. Nebraska 31, Georgia Southern 28