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Nebraska Great Ameer Abdullah Scores the First Touchdown of the NFL Season

Las Vegas Raiders Training Camp Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It’s the preseason, but it is still football.

Nebraska’s own Ameer Abdullah scored the first official touchdown of the NFL season last night for the Las Vegas Raider.

I haven’t had a chance to analyze the Las Vegas Raiders depth chart but according to, Ameer Abdullah isn’t even on the 4-deep at running back. However, he is listed as the top kick returner for the team.

In the game last night Ameer had two rushes for seven yards and two catches for 23 yards. He did get that touchdown.

For a program that has had a history of turning out really good running backs, Ameer Abdullah is the last great one for Nebraska.

Maybe there is a running back on this roster that could change that fact. Frost has not had one in four years here but maybe that will change.

Folks, the football season is getting and closer.