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Monday Flakes: Here We Go Again. On Our Own. Travelling Down the Road We’ve Known...

Welcome to our Monday morning Husker fan therapy session. Again.

Lula and Bolsonaro Face to Face in First Presidential Debate Photo by Rodrigo Paiva/Getty Images

We find ourselves here again Corn Nation.

Another Monday Flakes after a Husker loss.

You may have noticed (or not) that I did not title this article “Frosted Flakes”. I have accepted that we will soon be back to normal corn flakes and that frost will not be part of the program.

I wanted it to be different. You wanted it to be different.

But here we are again. On our own. Going down the road we’ve recently known.

Happy? Monday.

Corn Flakes

Volleyball did a really good job this weekend. As usual. We are a volleyball school after all. And soccer looks like they will be returning to their normal dominant selves.

When does Nebrasketball start? /Asking for a friend.

Huskers Top [Weber State] Wildcats, 3-1 - University of Nebraska
Sorry, I baited you with a “beating Wildcats” headling. Lincoln, Neb. – Sophomore Sarah Weber led the Huskers with three points, as the Nebraska soccer team defeated Weber State, 3-1, at Hibner Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

Nebraska football: It’s another early Frost warning for Nebraska after the Huskers go cold in Ireland
It hasn’t gotten any better for Huskers fans since Scott Frost lost his very first season-opener at Nebraska in 2018.

Epler’s experiment: 90 years later, six-man football still small-town king - Flatwater Free Press

Scott Frost Asked If He’d Consider Stepping Down From Nebraska - Sports Illustrated
The Cornhuskers’ coach has no plans of removing himself from the program, despite the season-opening loss.

New season, same Nebraska: Huskers blow lead, lose 31-28 to Northwestern
To start off the 2022 campaign, the Huskers added another one-score loss to Scott Frost’s resume.

Former Husker pitcher Nate Fisher got called up to the majors after leaving baseball altogether. This is one of the best stories we have going right now.

Sports!! Sports!!

US Open 2022 - Serena Williams and the myth of passing the torch
At the end of a storied tennis career, Serena Williams will give fans the chance to see her competing to win — not willfully surrendering a stage that has been hers for more than a quarter century.

Nearly flawless 1952 Mickey Mantle card sells for $12.6 million, shattering records
The sports memorabilia market continues to set new records every month.

UNLV football’s ‘turnover slot machine’ is college football’s greatest celebratory prop yet -
This is why we love college football.

This Andy Reid impersonator was so good it would fool even a die-hard Chiefs fan -
Which is the real Andy Reid?

Reading Makes You Smarter (Not Guaranteed)

Naked tourists keep taking photos at sacred South-East Asian sites, and locals are not impressed - ABC News
It’s causing offence, anger and deportations, so why are tourists still taking naked photos at sacred overseas sites? There are two reasons and both of them are bad.

Why Do Some People Believe the Moon Landings Were a Hoax? | HowStuffWorks
On Aug. 25, 1835, The New York Sun ran the first of several newspaper columns on the moon’s geography, vegetation and humanoid inhabitants. There was just one problem.

The Twisted Life of Clippy | Seattle Met
In the ’90s, Microsoft created a cartoon paperclip that it quickly retired. Its developers never imagined the virtual assistant would become a cultural icon.

Pennsylvania emotional support alligator is up for ‘America’s Favorite Pet’ | Fox News
A seven-year-old emotional support alligator named WallyGator is currently in first place for America’s Favorite Pet Animal Kingdom contest. The reptile has more than 68,100 TikTok followers.

‘Off the Charts’ Hydrogel Outperforms Cartilage and May Be in Human Knees Next Year
A long awaited update to a 2020 medical breakthrough could have a natural knee-cartilage replicant on deck for replacement surgeries by 2023.

‘Mario Kart’ is 30 years old, if you can believe that | Engadget
Want to feel old? Mario Kart is turning 30.

The Weekly Dump

Medieval Monks “Riddled With Parasites” Due To Dodgy Poop Practises | IFLScience
As wise as they were, these friars missed the memo about keeping poop away from your dinner plate.

British sewage overflows stink up relations across Channel
EU lawmakers have a new reason to be annoyed with Britain: British sewage overflows seeping into the English Channel and North Sea.

The Poop Fairy Doesn't Exist! | Cobb County Georgia
Jasper the dog and his human leave behind a smelly surprise.

Then There’s This