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Nebraska Football: What Player Are You Most Interested In Watching This Season?

2022 Big Ten Conference Football Media Days Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

This is a very simple roundtable, specifically here to get us all ready for the football season!

Only one question.

What player are you most interested in watching this season?

Bri: While I’m excited to see all our new offensive players, I am most excited to watch Garrett Nelson. I think his enthusiasm mixed with now having some experience will be a great combination and I can’t wait to see what he does.

Nate M: The obvious answer is Adrian Martinez. Besides him? I’m definitely excited to watch Ochaun Mathis. If he’s anything close to what we have heard about him, then the defense could take a huge jump.

Scott: Whoever can keep Casey Thompson alive and unscathed like they couldn't do for Adrian Martinez

Mike: I can’t name a player, but I can name a position: I-back. (Except we don’t call it an I-back for some tradition-impaired reason.) Whether it’s Anthony Grant, Gabe Ervin, Jaquez Yant or someone else doesn’t matter. A key factor why Nebraska only won three games was that Nebraska could not find a dependable running back and instead had to turn to Adrian Martinez to gain yards when the Huskers needed them most. Martinez took a beating from opposing defenses, and in turn some fans when mistakes happened...and headed to Kansas State. Casey Thompson, while athletic enough to get a few yards running the ball, should be limited to under half of what Martinez was asked to do last season. That means someone needs to step up and be much more productive in 2022. RTDB effectively, and the quarterback’s job is much easier.

Andy: I’m going to go with Trey Palmer on offense. The former 5-star transfer from LSU is expecting to be a deep threat in the passing game, a game-breaking returner on both kickoffs and punts, and I’ll be stunned if Whip and Frost haven’t drawn more than a couple reverses and iso screens to get him into space.

And, brother, if even half of his confidence and enthusiasm translates into ability on the field, I’m going to be as excited about the return game since the days of Pierson-el.

On defense, give me Chris Kolarevic. He flew under the radar last year and I don’t think that’s happening twice. He should thrive in Nebraska’s nickel spot - and really, the way it’s played now can we just go ahead rename it the Jojo??

Todd: I have two. Thomas Fidone II is the first. He came in with such accolades that I want to see this guy on the field. He came in at the number one ranked tight end in the country and it was incredibly frustrating watching the number three TE in the same class kick ass at Georgia in the playoffs. While he is gobbling up yards I was jealous because out number one ranked guy had a blown knee. Get out on the field Thomas! My other guy is one that I’ve loved to watch the past couple of years on special teams, Eteva Mauga-Clements. The guy plays like those long locks of his are on fire! Full speed all the time. I really hope he gets meaningful minutes on defense this year.

Kevin: Punting is winning. Thus Brian Buschini will be who I most look forward to seeing each game.