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Corn Nation Roundtable: Our 2022 Husker Football Season Predictions

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

So what happens to the Huskers in 2022? Let’s be honest...nobody really knows. (If someone claims to be sure, they’re either bluffing or lying.) So here’s our best guesses as to what will happen in 2022.

Pleasant Surprise

Patrick: Trev Alberts cuts Wrestling.

Jon: Nebraska has a decent football season despite firing head coach Scott Frost after the first game of the season. Husker fans start angry, become bewildered, then somewhat happy as Nebraska plays in the Outback Bowl.

Scott: Lauren Stivrins returns to the NU athletic department as a special assistant to the offensive line coach, her chief responsibility is to get Bryce Benhart to play football as physically as she played volleyball

Nate M: Trev Alberts cuts Golf.

Mike: I’m going with the running backs. I think Bryan Applewhite is a huge upgrade to coach the position, and I find the talent to be upgraded as well.

Andy: I should probably make a bowling or rifle team joke, but let’s just go with Marcus Washington making a splash at WR despite not getting quite the ink of some of the other transfers. Also, my liquor bill drops 36% this season since celebrating is cheaper than watching west coast games till 1am with glassy eyes and a desire to forget.

Kevin: Well, I was supposed to be on a 757-200 from Seattle to Newark after the MSU-UW game, but it has been swapped out for an A319. So here is hoping they surprise me last minute with a return of that 572.

Biggest Disappointment

Patrick: My son doesn’t get a red balloon this season. It’s not going to be pretty.

Jon: Nebraska beats Northwestern, Minnesota and Wisconsin, but loses to Iowa on a last-second field goal that loses the Big Ten West to Purdue.

Scott: After 3 games Casey Thompson’s health insurance policy is canceled after Mutual of Omaha determines playing behind the O-line is too great a risk.

Nate M: I picked Nebraska to lose to Rutgers. So I’ll go with that.

Mike: I’m not sure the offensive line is going to be where it needs to be, and that’s a potential issue for Casey Thompson’s sake.

Andy: The female population continues to be wholly unimpressed with my knowledge of college football and Deadwood-era profanity in the 4th quarters.

Kevin: Michigan doesn’t end up 3-9.

Nebraska’s Record in the 2022 Season

Patrick: 17-0 - Don’t ask, it will make sense. Trust me.

Jon: 8-4.

Scott: 7-5

Nate M: In my article, I picked Nebraska to go 8-4. Then I learned yesterday that Purdue is returning 17 starters (is that correct?) from last year’s 9-3 team. They obviously lost David Bell and George Karlaftis from that team, which are likely not to be replaced as both were studs. It makes me think 7-5 but when you write an article then you stick with what you said so I’ll say 8-4. Maybe they won’t lose to Rutgers after all.

Mike: Considering that special teams should at least not be a disaster and that the offense should be a bit more competent, it doesn’t take much to flip many of last year’s games. Plus, you substitute Indiana and Rutgers for Ohio State and Michigan State on the schedule. Could Scott Frost screw up enough to give NU another 3-9 season? It’s possible. But it’s far more likely that Nebraska will be significantly better record-wise. I’m going to pour a big glass of Kool-Aid and put 10-3 on the ledger. Yep, losses to Michigan, Oklahoma and playing in Indy, probably losing to Ohio State.

Andy: Let’s say 9-4 and leave it to the fates as to whether that’s a bowl win or loss. It definitely includes a win over Iowa, the Big 10’s top HWCU, because honestly - as a group, do we really deserve another loss to a shithole which is REALLY overdue for a dose of karma? (I don’t like Iowa. Shhh - don’t tell anyone.)

Kevin: Not good enough to keep Frost.

At the end of the season, Scott Frost will be _____?

Patrick: Alive and well and in the middle of hunting season.

Jon: Probably still the head coach because “he loves Nebraska” or some fucking nonsense like that.

Scott: Will still be the head coach of the Huskers despite his 22-34 record at NU.

Nate M: Going day by day. To get better and better. Because the team that can’t be beat. Won’t be beat.

Mike: Still the head coach, and still having critics wanting him fired.

Andy: - the Big 10 Coach of the Year!!! Wait, I said 9-4 and that won’t quite get it done.

Let’s go with: - already sitting down with Vince Guinta for his travel schedule as soon the dead period is over. (Think James Caan at the end of The Program.)

Kevin: Visiting the dentist for his annual scolding of his dip habit.