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Through My Eyes | 2022 Husker Season Preview

My insight on how I think Nebraska’s 2022 Season could play out

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

This a huge year for the Husker Football program as Scott Frost is squarely on the Hot Seat and must make significant improve just to keep his job. To do so he make big changes to his coaching staff including hiring a full time special teams coordinator for the first time in his tenure. In my season preview I have three videos listed below looking at my game by game predictions, who the best players on the team are and how those new coaches will impact the season.

Game by Game Predictions

Nebraska has a fascinating schedule this year heading to Dublin for their first game and then getting easily the most manageable set of conference games ever in the Big Ten. In my prediction video I went through all twelve games on the Nebraska schedule picking whether Nebraska will win or lose with an overall record lumped in there.

Top Ten Huskers

In addition to picking each game I went through the Nebraska roster to evaluate who I think the 10 best players on the 2022 team are. Now this doesn’t mean which Huskers have the best shot to be NFL players, but who are the top players on this current team. That includes transfers and a player that has only played a game and a half.

Impact of Coaching Changes

Feeling the heat, Scott Frost made some big staff moves firing four coaches at the end of the 2021 season and then hiring a new offensive and special teams coordinator while bringing in three more offensive assistants. How do all four of these new hires impact the offense? And what about Mike Dawson taking over the entire defensive line? I get into each of those here.