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Frosted Flakes: Game Week, Mullet Championship and Sandcastle Engineering

Week Zero is here! Are you excited?!?

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NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 03 Aer Lingus College Football Classic - Georgia Tech v Boston College Photo by Peter Fitzpatrick/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s game week for the Huskers! Are you excited for Week Zero?

I’m not sure how I feel yet. The last few seasons have been so disappointing that it is hard for me to think too far ahead. Maybe it is because the first opponent is Northwestern.

I know the Huskers trounced the Wildcats last year and that is part of my problem. The Huskers have gotten me to hope that they’ve turned a corner only to break my heart again. I don’t trust this team to repeat that win.

Or maybe I don’t trust the Wildcats to be bad two years in a row.

Take your pick.

(And yes, I am excited that it is finally game week, but I definitely won’t be forecasting a 56-7 Husker win in our predictions article.)

Frosted Flakes

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Reading Makes You Smarter (Maybe)

Tasmanian tiger babies could be a reality 'within 10 years', Melbourne University team says after partnering with US firm Colossal - ABC News
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Voyager 2 Celebrates 45 Years Exploring Edge Of Solar System And Beyond | IFLScience
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New Zealand: Seal breaks into marine biologist's home - BBC News
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Jobs' Apple-1 computer prototype auctioned for nearly $700K | AP News
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The Weekly Dump

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Thankfully, This Creature Without An Anus Is Not Our Earliest Known Ancestor | IFLScience
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Then There’s This

Menomonie’s ‘Mullet Boy’ wins USA Mullet Championship
Emmitt Bailey, also known as “Mullet Boy,” was able to surge from second to first place on the last day of voting and win the kids’ division of the USA Mullet Championships.

Defective sex toys get a 2nd chance — as fashionable shoes | AP News
NEW YORK (AP) — Sex toys and shoes? Try, sex toys IN shoes. A little streetwear label has partnered with a giant in the adult toy industry to create a shoe derived in part from unused, defective amusements that come off the manufacturing line as misfits.