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Five Heart Podcast 291: Hooch and Hoss Ride Again

The story behind the hat - this is the same hat, owned by Hoss Reuter (Dr. Offense himself). The first picture was taken when the hat was new, back in 2018. This hat has yet to see a winning season.

But while Hoss isn’t drinking the Kool-Aid, he gives some glimpses towards the end of letting his guard down in regards to the 2022 team.

Hoss and Greg (Hooch) discuss the alternate uniform design that was released this week, Greg receives some clarification on defensive back IQ and which position group can get by purely on God-given ability.

While we aren’t going whole hog on predictions, we get a little idea as to what are Hoss’ expectations for the 2022 season.

And towards the end, we pull back the curtain and discuss some behind the scenes production planning. I could cut it, but as we learn in the episode, I don’t have time for that.

Enjoy, and Go Big Red.