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Five Heart Podcast 290: Dr. Offense Talks About The Defense

Nebraska v Wisconsin Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

It’s just Dr. Offense - Hoss - and I on this episode in which we talk about the 2022 Nebraska defense.

Our talking points:

  • Nobody talks about defensive tendencies. Why? Because it’s complicated. Hoss explains.
  • Jon proposes that Erik Chinander fears the deep ball. Hoss retorts.
  • Hoss gives his thoughts on the defensive line and defensive secondary.
  • There’s many people who will define Nebraska’s defense as a 3-4, or a 4-3, or 4-2-5. Truth is, it is ALL OF THESE. We
  • WHo does Hoss see as being the best MVPs?
  • Finally, Hoss puts a plug in for the Josh Pate - Late Kick Podcast