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Why You Shouldn’t Care ESPN Dropped Out Of The Big Ten Media Rights Race

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 25 Shamrock Series - Notre Dame v Wisconsin Photo by Dan Sanger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Here’s my take on ESPN dropping out of the negotiations for the next Big Ten Media Rights contract.

My take?

You can get NBC, CBS, and Fox on OTA TV, which means “over the air” TV. You can pick them up by buying an antenna rather than paying a monthly streaming service. Streaming services are getting more expensive, and over the next few years I see people dropping them.

Giving people access to the best Big Ten games cheaply is as much a genius stroke as was the creation of BTN at the time.

Also, there’s this.

Over the past few weeks my brain injury has decided to become more than just a nuisance, preferring to rule my life rather than stay in the background where it was more manageable. Headaches have been debilitating, fatigue worse than it’s been in quite a while.

I am working with great neuro-people. I met with neurosurgeon Dr. Uzma Samadani, and the first words she said to me were, “We will fix this”, which gave me a lot of confidence. Dr. Samadani is known for concussion research. I first met her when I was diagnosed with an anoxic brain injury in 2016.

I’ll have more on this as we proceed. I’ve had a brain MRI which shows I don’t have a brain tumor, and in fact, Dr. Samadani said, “You have a nice brain”, which was rather comforting with regards to long-term brain health (you always FEAR something like dementia when you get a brain injury). It was also rather weird.

Bottom line - it’s a lot easier for me to make videos and/or talk than it is to write right now. I keep wondering if the problem is looking at a screen when I’m writing. We’ve already determined through testing that my eyes are not tracking together (more on this later). I’ll be meeting with a neuro-opthamologist although I can’t get in to see her until at least mid-September.