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Frosted Flakes: County Fair, Bill Russell Passes, and Husker Football is Getting Closer

Plus, you can reduce speeding by planting flowers. Wait, What?

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2021 Los Angeles Comic Con Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

We just finished up county fair week. Ranchhand 3 is still at an age where he can participate in 4-H and he took full advantage. We hauled in cattle, chickens, photos, canned items, a painting, dehydrated food, vegetables, and flowers.

Fortunately for us, it was an atypical county fair week, weather-wise as we enjoyed high temps in the 80s, until the final day. We hauled everything home in temps near 100. This week sounds like it will be more of the same.

I enjoy county fair competitions. My kids have learned a lot and they have gained a lot of confidence in the process. They have to interview judge for many of the items. Answering questions about the project and speaking to a judge comes pretty naturally by this point for them.

Ranchhand 3 had a really good fair. He brought home eight championship rosettes - photography, horticulture, floriculture, canned item, food item, poultry showmanship, poultry exhibit, and junior herd (beef). He is well on his way to being a Renaissance Man.

In the mean time, this mom needs a nap before we start planning next year’s exhibits.

Frosted Flakes

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