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Friday Flakes: BYOB Restaurants and How Kids Spell “Love”

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‘BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze)’ sign is seen at the ‘No. 10... Photo by Vuk Valcic/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Made I’m living under a rock and this whole concept has flown by me.

Last week I spent about four nights in a beach town in New Jersey and then two in a town outside of Philadelphia.

All around those areas are restaurants that allow you to bring your own alcohol.

While I am on board with this idea, it does sound a little... “trashy?” Well that wasn’t the fact from what I saw. There was a upscale Italian restaurant I walked by every day. I went to check out their menu online and it said they were BYOB.

The idea of a BYOB restaurant, in my mind, would be limited to places that serve fried food online. Well that’s not what I found on the east coast.

Two nights before we flew back we went to one of those restaurants and my wife told her dad that it’s BYOB. He didn’t believe it and you could tell he was absolutely uncomfortable walking into a restaurant with a couple bottles of liquor and mixers.

The restaurant supplied the glasses with ice and we ordered our food.

I asked the waitress about this whole BYOB thing and she was surprised that I have never heard of such a concept. I told her that we live in Nebraska and she was more interested in talking about Mike Riley, Bo Pelini and the triple option than BYOB ideas.

I had heard about restaurants that would charge a bottle opening fee if you brought in your own bottle of wine but this was not that.

So is this in Nebraska, or even the Midwest, and I simply have not heard about it?


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How Kids Spell “Love.”

About a month ago somebody asked, “How do kids spell love?”

Me: How?

Smart person: T-I-M-E

So when I saw this clip, I thought this was the embodiment of that mentality.

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