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Frosted Flakes: Conference Expansion, Poop Bank, and Raining Anchovies

It’s Independence Day! Time to grill food and play with explosives!

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Singapore Economy Inflation Photo by Joseph Nair/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Happy Fourth of July! I hope you are enjoying a fun day with family or friends.

It has been an eventful week with the Big Ten becoming a coast-to-coast conference and now the Pac 12 joins the Big 12 in nervously watching the conference realignment dominoes fall.

Everyone’s eyes are on Notre Dame for sure. Will they be able to remain independent in the wake of the superconference?

Every time conference realignment heats up, Notre Dame speculation runs rampant. I tend to think that both the Big 10 and SEC will save a seat for the Irish.

Frosted Flakes

Husker baseball coach Will Bolt explains philosophy behind major roster overhaul | Sports |
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College football’s future, as laid out in TV executive board rooms, is one super league against another. SEC vs. Big Ten. ESPN vs. Fox Sports.

Zhou Guanyu’s car flips over tire barrier in huge F1 crash
The British Grand Prix was suspended before the end of the first lap after two huge collisions involving multiple drivers on the pit straight resulted in Zhou Guanyu’s Alfa Romeo ending up on the wrong side of the tyre barriers at Turn 1.

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More Noise and Other Disturbances

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The Weekly Dump

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Invest in your future.

Then There’s This

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