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Wednesday Flakes Brings You Change

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2022 Big Ten Conference Football Media Days Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Change can be tough. We all know that. It is really tough when you are use to one thing or doing one thing over a long period of time.

It’s tough even when you know change needs to happen. You can full on initiate change. You can lead the movement to change with the idea that if you do it, things will be fine. But even then, it can be a tough process.

You can prepare the people around you. Or at least try to prepare them. Make them comfortable. Guide them on the right things to do. Educate them on how much better things will be when these changes happen.

You can do your absolute best, and it might very well take some time for the change to benefit those around you.

Scott Frost came in to the coaching position at Nebraska with one idea of how to run this program. For whatever reason that hasn’t worked so far. Because of that he has brought into his employment an almost entirely rehauled offensive staff.

Now mind you, that’s just less than half of his coaches. Men’s basketball coach Fred Hoiberg has almost a brand new coaching bench himself. The leadership for Nebrasketball has almost a full overhaul entering this season. Even more change for Nebrasketball than football.

So yeah, change has happened and hopefully for the better in two of the top Husker men’s sports. No real changes on the women’s side of the spectrum. We all know they seem to do things just fine. It’s nice to have at least one side of the major sports at NU operating at a fairly successful level. Heck, they’re all probably going to be even better this upcoming school year.

Scott and Fred both had some hard changes to make this past offseason. They made them. Hopefully the changes that were made were for the betterment of the programs. You never know if you made the right decision until after the fact. It’s been a long time since either of the men’s sports have done that. Recent history says that even the best intentions can go south.

So, keep your chin up. These two might just finally be making the right moves to turn these teams around. Change can be tough and it can really stink at first but sometimes it’s inevitable.

Change is what makes the world go round. It drives innovation. Change is what this country was built on. A mixture of puritans and traders wanted to come to a land and practice their religion and make money without pressure from their old rulers. Now look at us. We have turned into the most powerful country on the planet.

Yes, America is still #1 and Nebraska football and basketball can be too. It will just take some time and things will have to change.

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